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LBO Science Program 2019A

by Davis Murphy last modified Feb 27, 2019

A total of 46 new proposals were received for the 1 August submission deadline for Semester 2019A. The table below summarizes the approved observing programs for the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) / High Sensitivity Array (HSA). Listed are the PI name, proposal ID, proposal title, maximum hours approved, and proposal type (Regular, Triggered, or Large). Proposals from previous semesters that were awarded time by LBO in 19A are included.

For each approved program, the Proposal Finder Tool will have access to its authors, title, abstract, and total approved hours.

Atri, Pikky VLBA/19A-113 Constraining black hole formation with triggered VLBA astrometry 30 Triggered
Bach, Uwe GMVA/18B-225 A high resolution multi-frequency study of the jet launching region in Cygnus A 27 Regular
Beasley, Anthony VLBA/19A-368 VLBA Flux-limited Surveys of VLASS Fields - Pilot Observations  24 Regular
Beasley, Anthony VLBA/19A-389 High-Precision VLBA Astrometry of AR Sco 33 Regular
Berton, Marco VLBA/19A-231 Is there a jet base in radio-quiet narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies?  10 Regular
Bietenholz, Michael VLBA/19A-303 Measuring the Size and Speed of AT2018cow's Outflow 4 Regular
Brisken, Walter VLBA/18B-041 FILLER: Extending the Deep-wide VLBA observations of the JWST-NEP Survey Field 300 Large
Busch, Michael VLBA/19A-260 Radar Speckle Tracking Observations of Near-Earth Asteroids in 2019 - 2021 16.83 Triggered
Chen, Yongjun VLBA/18B-112 The Temporal and Spatial Spectral Variability of the Jet in B2 1420+32 7.5 Regular
Curiel, Salvador VLBA/18A-223 Unveiling the orbital motions of the sub-stellar companion of the WTTS DoAr21 9 Regular
Deane, Roger VLBA/19A-428 Filler time VLBA survey of the UDS field: a VLBI pilot for MeerKAT-MIGHTEE 47.5 Regular
Deller, Adam VLBA/19A-154 Characterizing Neutron Star Mergers with VLBI Afterglow Observations 104 Triggered
Dodson, Richard VLBA/18A-057 VLBA astrometric registration of the masers in the Calabash nebula 8 Regular
Gabuzda, Denise VLBA/19A-079 Completing 1.4-5.0 GHz VLBA Polarization Observations of 191 MOJAVE Sources 84 Regular
Gomez, Jose L. GMVA/18B-164 Imaging massive binary BH candidates in OJ287 and 3C345 with the GMVA+ALMA 26 Regular
Gupta, Neeraj VLBA/19A-067 Parsec-scale structure in the interstellar medium of a z=0.05 galaxy 11 Regular
Hada, Kazuhiro GMVA/18B-196 Imaging Magnetic Acceleration and Collimation of M87 Jet at Scales of 7-150Rs 14 Regular
Hada, Kazuhiro GMVA/19A-224 Imaging Magnetic Acceleration and Collimation of M87 Jet at Scales of 7-150Rs 14 Regular
Heinke, Craig VLBA/19A-342 Proper Motions of Steep-Spectrum Radio Sources: A VLBA Filler Program 32 Regular
Issaoun, Sara GMVA/18B-240 Sharpening the source model for Sgr A*: 3mm VLBI with GMVA+ALMA 8 Regular
Jones, Dayton VLBA/16A-002 VLBA Astrometry of the Juno Spacecraft in Jupiter Orbit 8 Regular
Jones, Dayton VLBA/18A-012 The Orbit of Bennu: VLBA Astrometry of the OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft 8 Regular
JOSHI, RAVI VLBA/19A-173 Searching for Supermassive Black hole Binary in Double-Peaked, X-shaped AGNs 20.8 Regular
Kao, Melodie VLBA/19A-437 Do Brown Dwarfs have Radiation Belts? 28 Regular
Kharb, Preeti VLBA/19A-026 Studying Parsec-scale Structures in Six New Double-Peaked Emission-Line Seyferts 50 Regular
Kim, Dong-Chan VLBA/19A-232 VLBA Observation of a recoiling SMBH candidate SDSS J171304.46+352333.5 4 Regular
Kim, Dongjin VLBA/19A-335 Imaging circum-nuclear gas and the torus via absorption line VLBI in 3 AGN 9 Regular
Koyama, Shoko GMVA/19A-412 Resolving the jet collimation region in Mrk 501 with the GMVA 8 Regular
Krichbaum, Thomas GMVA/18B-091 The polarization in the jet-launching region of gamma-ray blazars  19 Regular
Law, Casey VLBA/19A-300 A Size Test for the Luminous Extragalactic Radio Transient J141918.9+394036 8 Regular
Linford, Justin VLBA/19A-314 Direct Imaging of the Gamma-ray-Producing Shocks in Classical Novae 42 Triggered
Lisakov, Mikhail VLBA/19A-253 Robust size estimation for the RadioAstron AGN scattering substructure project 6 Regular
Lister, Matthew VLBA/16B-175 MOJAVE: Long Term VLBA Polarimetric Observations of Pc-Scale AGN Jets 288 Large
MacDonald, Nicholas GMVA/18B-039 Disorder vs. Order: Discerning the nature of the magnetic field in PKS 1510-089 5 Regular
Marscher, Alan GMVA/19A-259 Millimeter-wave Imaging of the Gamma-Ray Emitting Regions of Blazar Jets 48 Regular
Marscher, Alan VLBA/17B-056 Sub-milliarcsecond Imaging of the Gamma-ray Emission Regions of Blazars 288 Large
Menten, Karl VLBA/17B-087 Examining the Stellar Merger V838 Mon in Detail 7 Regular
Miller-Jones, James VLBA/19A-210 Transient jet launching in stellar-mass black holes 52; Swift: 27 ksec Triggered
Momjian, Emmanuel VLBA/19A-106 Resolving an Extremely Powerful Radio-Loud Quasar at z~5.1 20 Regular
Mooley, Kunal VLBA/18B-201 Mapping the size and morphology of the GW170817 post-merger fireball 19.5 Regular
Morganti, Raffaella VLBA/19A-043 HI gas in the heart of 3C84: a view with the VLBA 12 Regular
Orienti, Monica VLBA/19A-005 Unveiling the particle acceleration regions in two X-ray emitting hotspots 12 Regular
Orosz, Gabor VLBA/17B-279 Improving the parallax distance of PSR B1913+16 for testing General Relativity 12 Regular
Petrov, Leonid VLBA/19A-249 Probing parsec-scale optical structure with observations of Gaia detected AGNs 96 Regular
Piner, Glenn VLBA/17B-058 The super-luminal TeV sources 24 Regular
Romero-Canizales, Cristina VLBA/19A-214 The young and obscured AGN in IC883: a Gigahertz-Peaked Spectrum candidate 26 Regular
Ros, Eduardo GMVA/18B-044 Probing the high polarised emission in 4C 01.28 with mm-VLBI (GMVA+ALMA) 6 Regular
Ros, Eduardo GMVA/18B-054 The peculiar AGN PKS 0521-36 under the mm magnifying glass (GMVA+ALMA) 4 Regular
Schinzel, Frank VLBA/19A-101 Follow-up of 3C48 position change at 0.06 arcsec 16 Regular
Spiewak, Renee VLBA/18A-169 A VLBA Distance for PSR J2322-2650: the lowest luminosity MSP? 6 Regular
Stacey, Hannah VLBA/19A-246 A novel method to identify AGN-heated dust in quasar host galaxies 30.5 Regular
Verbena, Juan VLBA/19A-404 The Water Megamaser in IIZw96 6 Regular
Villadsen, Jackie VLBA/19A-441 Anchoring the Radio Corona of Active M Dwarfs to the Photosphere 71.5 Regular
Williams, Montana VLBA/19A-261 Radio Bright High Proper Motion Stars 4.5 Regular