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Science Program 2017B

by Davis Murphy last modified May 19, 2017 by Dana Balser

A total of 187 new proposals were received for the 1 February submission deadline for Semester 2017B. The table below summarizes the approved observing programs for the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA). Listed are the PI name, proposal ID, proposal title, maximum hours approved, and proposal type (Regular, Triggered, or Large). Proposals from previous semesters that were awarded time by NRAO in 17B are included.  Also listed are HSA proposals that include the VLA as a VLBI station.

For each approved program, the Proposal Finder Tool will have access to its authors, title, abstract, and total approved hours.


Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA)

Alberts, Stacey VLA/17B-288 Exploring the Infrared-Radio Correlation in Massive Galaxy Clusters at z=1-2 23.09 Regular
Arabsalmani, Maryam VLA/17B-273 The structure and kinematics of atomic gas in the environment of SLSNe. 18 Regular
Banfield, Julie VLA/17B-093 Revealing radio jet and circumgalactic medium interactions at kpc scales 19.5 Regular
Barrett, Paul VLA/17B-144 Observations of the Electron-Cyclotron Maser Emission from MCVs 28 Regular
Berger, Edo VLA/17B-171 A Direct Test of the Possible Connection Between FRBs and SLSNe/GRBs 22 Regular
Birkinshaw, Mark VLA/17B-340 Extreme rotation measures and high-redshift clusters 12 Regular
Bogdan, Akos VLA/17A-265 Probing particle acceleration models with a spectacular merging galaxy cluster 14 Regular
Bonafede, Annalisa VLA/17A-083 Magnetic field amplification by low Mach-number shocks 66 Regular
Bower, Geoffrey VLA/17B-213 Is the GC Pulsar in a Black Hole Binary? Improved Long-Term Astrometry 3 Regular
Bower, Geoffrey VLBA/17B-212 Is the GC Pulsar in a Black Hole Binary?  Improved Long-Term Astrometry 12 Regular
Brinks, Elias VLA/16B-224 Probing the Radio Continuum - Star Formation Rate relation 39 Regular
Britt, Christopher VLA/17B-227 Exploring New Dynamically Selected Black Hole Candidates Found in Quiescence 4; Swift ksec: 10 Regular
Brunthaler, Andreas VLA/17B-148 On the nature of M31*   6 Regular
Burgasser, Adam VLA/17B-078 A Survey of Magnetic Cycling in Radio-Bright Ultracool Dwarfs 120.24 Regular
Busquet, Gemma VLA/17B-236 A deep synoptic radio survey of high-mass precursors in infrared dark clouds 28.8 Regular
Cannon, John VLA/17A-240 HI Imaging Of The Lyman Alpha Reference Sample 217.5 Large
Cesaroni, Riccardo VLA/17A-005 Dissecting the Disk Around a Massive Protostar 6 Regular
Cesaroni, Riccardo VLA/17B-045 Long-term monitoring of the first ever detected accretion burst in a massive YSO 13.32 Regular
Chakrabarti, Sukanya VLA/17B-207 HI Maps of Strong Spiral Lenses 38.5 Regular
Chen, Xi VLA/17B-035 A sensitive search for extragalactic 6.7 GHz methanol maser 8 Regular
Coppejans, Deanne VLA/17B-343 First constraints on highly circularly polarized flares in Cataclysmic Variables 8 Regular
Dai, Xinyu VLA/17B-046 The Origin of  the Unresolved Radio Emission of Radio-Quiet Quasars 12 Regular
Degenaar, Nathalie VLA/17B-136 Jet outflows from a magnetic propeller 5 Regular
Deller, Adam VLA/17B-097 Unraveling the complicated accretion processes of PSR J1023+0038 24 Regular
del Palacio, Santiago VLA/16B-053 Search of synchrotron radiation in two interacting stellar bubbles 1.9 Regular
de Pater, Imke VLA/17B-222 Context Maps of Jupiter in Support of the JUNO Mission 16; HST Orbits: 4 Regular
Diaz-Santos, Tanio VLA/17B-312 Cold Molecular Gas Kinematics in the Most Luminous Obscured Quasar 28.4 Regular
Di Gennaro, Gabriella VLA/17B-298 The first deep JVLA study of particle re-acceleration at galaxy cluster shocks 10.1 Regular
Drout, Maria VLA/17B-317 Probing the Evolutionary History of 'Non-Standard' SN Progenitors: SN2016gkg 5 Regular
Dutta, Rajeshwari VLA/17B-130 OH 18-cm absorption associated with merging galaxy pair 5.6 Regular
Dzib, Sergio VLA/17B-028 Compact Radio Emission Associated with the X-Ray Pulsar CXOU J181335.1-174957 11 Regular
Eftekhari, Tarraneh VLA/17B-198 Late-time Radio and X-ray Monitoring of the Relativistic TDE Sw 1644+57 3; Chandra ksec: 50 Regular
Farnes, Jamie VLA/17B-092 Measuring the Magnetized Environment associated with Fast Radio Bursts 13.06 Regular
Ferkinhoff, Carl VLA/17B-230 Resolving the radio continuum of W2246 4 Regular
Filho, Mercedes VLA/17B-022 The Nature of The Nearest Ultra-Diffuse Galaxy: UGC2162 7.85 Regular
Forbrich, Jan VLA/17B-169 VLA Exploration of two newly identified L/T Brown Dwarfs 10 Regular
Gelfand, Joseph VLA/16B-082  Radio emission in strong galactic outflows 37.5 Regular
Gendron Marsolais, Marie-Lou VLA/17A-263 Radio lobes dynamics in NGC 4472 12 Regular
Gendron Marsolais, Marie-Lou VLA/17B-267 Completing the low-frequency view of the mini-halo in the Perseus Cluster 5 Regular
Gompertz, Benjamin VLA/17B-229 What Happens When Neutron Stars Merge? 5.49 Triggered
Gonzalez, Anthony VLA/17B-197 Radio-Active CoWS: Extended FIRST Sources in MaDCoWS Clusters 22.3 Regular
Gowardhan, Avani VLA/17B-342 Impact of the most extreme AGN-driven molecular outflow on its host galaxy 6.3; HST Orbits: 1 Regular
Guidi, Greta VLA/17B-185  Effects of planet formation on the evolution of solids in protoplanetary disks 5.4 Regular
Hajduk, Marcin VLA/17B-117 Evolution of Sakurai's Object at radio wavelengths 1.5 Regular
Harwood, Jeremy VLA/17B-133 VLA GHz survey of extragalactic sources in the XMM-LSS field (AGES-XL) 48 Regular
Herenz, Edmund Christian VLA/17B-234 The curious ionised gas tails of the extremely metal poor starburst SBS 0335-052 30 Regular
Herrero-Illana, Ruben VLA/17B-103 A systematic study of multiple local AGN: large separation systems 5.5 Regular
Higdon, Sarah VLA/17B-147 Completing the ZINGRS JVLA Survey 4.86 Regular
Higdon, Sarah VLA/17B-262 Magnetic Fields in the Star Forming Nuclear Ring in NGC 2997 6.1 Regular
Hilton, Matt VLA/17B-125 Radio jets and bubbles from a rare Type 2 quasar in a brightest cluster galaxy 1.75 Regular
hindson, luke VLA/17B-121 Low Frequency Insights Into the Radio Continuum Star Formation Rate Relation 16 Regular
Hodge, Jacqueline VLA/17B-108 The kiloparsec-scale cold gas properties of a late-stage major merger 36 Regular
Hoeft, Matthias VLA/17B-347 Are radio relics related to radio galaxies? The case of Abell 115 6 Regular
Horesh, Assaf VLA/16A-159 Late-time radio observations of compact binary merger candidates 4 Regular
Hunter, Todd VLA/17B-258 Characterizing the dust emission after the extraordinary outburst in NGC6334-MM1 6 Regular
Hyman, Scott VLA/16B-264 Deeper into the Galactic Center: Low Frequency Radio Transients 36 Regular
Issaoun, Sara VLBA/17B-228 Imaging launch regions and magnetic fields of an outflow from a high-mass YSO 10 Regular
Jencson, Jacob VLA/17B-331 In Search of the Missing Supernovae 6 Triggered
Kamble, Atish VLA/17B-188 The Unprecedented Metamorphosis of SN 2014C 6 Regular
Kang, Ji-hyun VLA/17B-193 Methanol Maser Polarization in Massive Star Forming Regions 4 Regular
Kao, Melodie VLA/17B-354 Bridging the Gap III: Measuring Magnetic Fields on Y Dwarfs 44 Regular
Kharb, Preeti VLA/17B-074 Disentangling Star-Formation & AGN Activity in Seyferts Through Polarimetry 16 Regular
Kilpatrick, Charles VLA/17B-201 Late-Time Radio Emission from Type IIn/II-L Supernovae with the VLA 17 Regular
Koch, Eric VLA/17B-162 Tracing the CNM and Feedback-driven holes across a Galactic Disk 84 Regular
Koenig, Sabine VLA/17B-175 Tracing the gas inflow in NGC 1614 through polarisation 1.3 Regular
Kumar, Nanda VLA/17B-250 An Enigmatic Massive Protostar in its Bloated State? 1.71 Regular
Lacey, Christina VLA/17B-191   High Sensitivity Observations  Observations of IC 342 and NGC 2403 11.68 Regular
Lacey, Christina VLA/17B-215 JVLA Observations of Galactic SNRs with Synchrotron-Dominated X-ray Spectra  12.78 Regular
Law, Casey VLA/17B-301 Magnetar Unification of Superluminous Supernovae and Fast Radio Bursts 11.42 Regular
Lee, Min-Young VLA/17B-176 A Pilot Study for "ESPOIR": The VLA Survey of the CNM in and around Perseus 10 Regular
Lellouch, Emmanuel VLA/17B-114 Pluto's surface emission at centimeter wavelengths: a key to climate evolution 11 Regular
Leung, T.K. Daisy VLA/17B-271 OH Megamaser Emission in a Strongly-Lensed Gas-Rich AGN-starburst at z~0.65 9.92 Regular
Linford, Justin VLA/17B-313 Tempests, Not Bombs: The Radio Perspective On Classical Novae 24 Regular
Linford, Justin VLA/17B-352 Shocks in Classical Novae: Imaging the Sources of Gamma-rays 48 Triggered
Lucero, Danielle  VLA/17B-115 Early-Types: Tests of Empirical and Theoretical Models of Molecule Formation  30 Regular
Macias, Enrique VLA/17A-385 Thermal Free-free Emission in PMS Stars: Radio Jets and Photoevaporating Disks 20 Regular
Margutti, Raffaella VLA/17B-225 The first systematic search for relativistic jets in super-luminous Supernovae 8 Triggered
McDonald, Michael VLA/17A-258 Mapping Past and Present Radio Outbursts in the Phoenix Galaxy Cluster 20 Regular
McHardy, Ian VLA/17B-248 Radio emission in radio quiet  AGN:  JVLA and Swift X-ray monitoring of Mkn 110 33.3 Regular
Migenes, Victor VLA/17B-047 The Water Megamaser in IIZw96 2.5 Regular
Mioduszewski, Amy VLA/17B-310 CI Cam: The afterlife of a unique nova 1 Regular
Mirabel, Felix VLA/17B-008 Black hole formation from disappearing massive stars 60 Regular
Mulcahy, David VLA/17B-322 Resolving magnetic structures in Faraday space for NGC628 3 Regular
Murphy, Eric VLA/16B-320 Unveiling the High-Redshift Universe Through A Deep 10GHz Survey of GOODS-N 191.25 Large
Murray, Claire VLA/17B-264 Measuring Absorption by Cold Hydrogen (MACH)  85 Regular
Ng, Chi-Yung VLA/17B-075 High Resolution Radio Study of Pulsar Wind Tori 10 Regular
Ng, Chi-Yung VLA/17B-076 Monitoring the Interacting Gamma-Ray Binary PSR J2032+4127 near Periastron 5.53 Regular
Nicholl, Matt VLA/17B-164 Determining the Energy Source in a Superluminous Supernova at 1000 Days 2.5 Regular
North, Eve VLA/17B-178 The WISDOM project: What causes star formation suppression in galaxy bulges? 1.5 Regular
Oka, Tomoharu VLA/17B-106 Intermediate-mass Black Hole Candidate near the Center of our Galaxy 15 Regular
Orienti, Monica VLA/17B-153 From young radio sources to faders: JVLA observations of short-lived objects 2 Regular
O'Sullivan, Shane VLA/17B-016 Radio source morphology: 'nature' or 'nurture?? 9 Regular
Owen, Frazer VLA/17B-057 Thomson Scattering from  the intracluster medium surrounding 3C295 12 Regular
Pardy, Stephen  VLA/17B-287 High Resolution HI Imaging of Lya Emitting Galaxy Haro 11 45.5 Regular
Pasetto, Alice VLA/17B-294 Polarimetric study of a large sample of Compact Symmetric Objects  9.6 Regular
Patil, Pallavi VLA/17B-346 A Spectral Aging Analysis of Young Radio Jets in Obscured Quasars 10.33 Regular
Perley, Daniel VLA/17B-200 Radio monitoring of a serendipitous transient in Cygnus A 3.99 Regular
Perley, Richard VLA/17B-053 The Physics of the Jet in the Quasar 3C273 7 Regular
Plotkin, Richard VLA/17B-233 Opening the Radio Time Domain for the Faintest Black Holes 16.75 Regular
Riechers, Dominik VLA/17B-030 Gas Dynamics and Gas Excitation in an Unlensed z=5.3 Dusty Starburst 48 Regular
Riseley, Christopher VLA/17B-033 A new double-relic system in the high redshift cluster MACS J0025.4-1222 8.9 Regular
Rodriguez, Luis VLA/17B-017 Free-free Jets from Young Brown Dwarfs 10 Regular
Rodruck, Michael VLA/17B-329 Neutral Hydrogen in Tidal Tails: Probing the Extremes of Star Formation 20; HST Orbits 4 Regular
Sadavoy, Sarah VLA/17B-259 Polarization at Centimeter Wavelengths: Magnetic Fields or Dust Scattering? 12 Regular
Salazar Penagos, Marco Tulio VLA/17B-269 Searching for photo-evaporating objects embedded in UCHII regions 1.5 Regular
Schinzel, Frank VLA/17B-165 Survey of unassociated gamma-ray objects in the 7-year Fermi/LAT catalog. 26; Swift ksec: 20 Regular
Schruba, Andreas VLA/16B-291 The Bottleneck of Star Formation - Formation and Collapse of a Cold Gas Phase 16 Regular
Shu, Xinwen VLA/17B-027 The missing link: probing the jet emission from low-mass supersoft AGNs 2.5 Regular
Sierra, Anibal VLA/17B-253 NOW YOU SEE ME: Enhanced Emission from Grain Growth in Dust Traps 3 Regular
Simard, Dana VLBA/17B-064 Scintillation of FRB121102 and the associated persistent radio source 50 Regular
Sivakoff, Gregory VLA/17B-257 Jet/Accretion Coupling in Transient Neutron Star X-ray Binaries 21; Swift ksec: 18 Triggered
Sommer, Martin VLA/17B-088 A comparison of galaxy cluster selections through radio halo statistics 6.3 Regular
Spekkens, Kristine VLA/17B-038 Mapping the extragalactic environment of SN2009ip 14 Regular
Spilker, Justin VLA/17B-223 Testing Quenching Mechanisms by Resolving the Gas in a z~2.5 Quenching Galaxy 15 Regular
Tang, Ningyu VLA/17B-302 Investigating CO-Dark Molecular Gas of Taurus Cloud through Absorption Lines 16.8 Regular
Towner, Allison VLA/17B-323 Surveying the Protostellar Population Powering Extended Green Objects (EGOs) 9 Regular
Trigilio, Corrado VLA/17B-039 Coordinated Radio and X-ray observations of the YSO ELIAS 29 in Rho Ophiuchi 20 Regular
Umehata, Hideki VLA/17B-368 A deep radio map of an ALMA deep field at a proto-cluster core 56 Regular
van Gorkom, Jacqueline VLA/13B-266 CHILES, the COSMOS HI Large Extragalactic Survey 240 Large
van Weeren, Reinout VLA/16B-251 JVLA Observations of the HST Frontier Fields Clusters A370 and AS1063 42 Regular
van Weeren, Reinout VLA/17B-367 Probing Cosmic Star Formation with the JVLA Lensing Cluster Survey 96 Regular
Vidal, Matias VLA/17A-355 Measuring the spectrum of anomalous microwave emission in NGC2023 7.52 Regular
Villadsen, Jackie VLA/17B-370 Coherent Radio Bursts on Active M Dwarfs from K2 and MEarth 41 Regular
Wang, Ran VLA/17B-071 Radio Continuum Spectrum of the Most Massive and Radio-quiet Quasar at z=6.3 4 Regular
Wharton, Robert VLA/17B-283 What is the Persistent Radio Source Associated with FRB 121102? 15 Regular
Williams, Anna VLA/17B-378 A Multi-frequency VLA Study of Nearby Starburst Dwarf Galaxy NGC 4449 4.5 Regular
Windhorst, Rogier VLA/17B-353 Co-evolution of Starforming Galaxies and AGN in the JWST Deep Time-Domain Field 30 Regular