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Science Program 2018A

A total of 259 new proposals were received for the 1 August submission deadline for Semester 2018A. The table below summarizes the approved observing programs for the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA). Listed are the PI name, proposal ID, proposal title, maximum hours approved, and proposal type (Regular, Triggered, or Large). Proposals from previous semesters that were awarded time by NRAO in 18A are included.  Also listed are HSA proposals that include the VLA as a VLBI station.

For each approved program, the Proposal Finder Tool will have access to its authors, title, abstract, and total approved hours.


Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA)

Adams, Elizabeth VLA/18A-198 Deep HI observations of newly-discovered gas-rich ultra-faint dwarf galaxies 128 Regular
Adams, Elizabeth VLA/18A-304 Confirming a HI detection for the nearby dwarf galaxy R-127-1 2 Regular
Adebahr, Bjoern VLA/18A-288 The nature of the polarised signatures in the radio galaxy B2 0258+35 6 Regular
Alberdi, Antonio VLBA/18A-075 Probing the polarized innermost structure of the relativistic jet of 4C +01.28 9 Regular
Alexander, Kate VLA/18A-265 A Late-Time View of the First Optical Tidal Disruption Event with Radio Emission 4 Regular
Alexandroff, Rachael VLA/18A-432 Searching for the Signposts of Quasar Feedback in the Radio 20 Regular
Alves, Felipe VLA/18A-258 Kinematics of a magnetized prestellar core 7.25 Regular
Anderson, Loren VLA/18A-121 The First Galactic Quadrant Supernova Remnant Population 6.6 Regular
Anglada, Guillem VLA/18A-416 Following the time evolution of the HD169142 multigapped disk 25 Regular
Ao, Yiping VLA/18A-296 Search for ammonia absorption lines in distant galaxies 14.8 Regular
Araya, Esteban VLA/18A-401 Relic Signature of Infall in a High-Mass Star Forming Region 3.17 Regular
Bahramian, Arash VLA/18A-360 Verifying a new candidate transitional millisecond pulsar 1; Chandra ksec: 5 Regular
Barrett, Paul VLA/18A-299 The Magnetic Fields of Donor Stars in Cataclysmic Variables 42 Regular
Bartkiewicz, Anna VLA/18A-032 Searching for central objects in methanol maser rings 10.5 Regular
Bastian, Tim VLA/18A-186 Coronal Magnetography: a New Tool to Measure the Sun's Magnetic Field 30 Regular
Beale, Luca VLA/18A-412 Extended HI Emission in KKH 86 10 Regular
Benaglia, Paula VLA/18A-168 Mapping magnetic fields in the stellar bow shock EB27 3 Regular
Bietenholz, Michael VLBA/18A-343 VLBI Observations of the First Radio-Detected Fast and Blue  Optical Transient 9 Regular
Birkinshaw, Mark VLA/18A-263 Binary black holes in brightest cluster galaxies 9 Regular
Bischetti, Manuela VLA/18A-028 Molecular gas content and star-formation efficiency in hyper-luminous QSOs 16.5 Regular
Boccardi, Biagina VLBA/18A-380 Testing jet formation in a new sample of radio galaxies 48 Regular
Bogdan, Akos VLA/17A-265 Probing particle acceleration models with a spectacular merging galaxy cluster 6 Regular
Bonafede, Annalisa VLA/17A-083 Magnetic field amplification by low Mach-number shocks 29 Regular
Borthakur, Sanchayeeta VLA/18A-006 Completing the VLA-DISK Program: Probing Condensation at the Disk-Halo Interface 75.96 Regular
Bower, Geoffrey VLBA/17B-212 Is the GC Pulsar in a Black Hole Binary?  Improved Long-Term Astrometry 24 Regular
Brienza, Marisa VLA/18A-274 Characterization of remnant radio galaxies in the Lockman Hole field 9.5 Regular
Brisken, Walter VLA/18A-395 Radio Emission from the Lensed Galaxy J111020.0+645950.8 2 Regular
Britt, Christopher VLA/18A-020 Exploring New Dynamically Selected Black Hole Candidates Found in Quiescence 4; Swift ksec: 10 Regular
Buckner, Anne VLA/18A-384 Massive Star Clusters: Observing protostellar evolution in NGC2264-C & NGC2264-D 9.9 Regular
Cannon, John VLA/18A-095 High Resolution HI Imaging of Two LARS/eLARS Galaxies 94 Regular
Cannon, John VLA/18A-177 Completing the Census of Nearby Low-Mass Galaxies from ALFALFA 6 Regular
Carilli, Chris VLA/18A-007 VLA observations of the most distant quasar at z = 7.54 13 Regular
Chen, Bin VLA/18A-386 Tracing energetic electrons in the solar corona with ultra-high time resolution 15 Triggered
cheng, yu VLA/18A-264 On the nature of molecular bullets in a high-mass star-forming region 7 Regular
cheng, yu VLA/18A-388 High-velocity Atomic outflows in high-mass star formation regions 10 Regular
Chen, Michael VLA/18A-409 The role of filaments in star formation as inferred from their kinematics 56 Regular
Claussen, Mark VLA/18A-356 Probing Star-Formation in Free-Floating Evaporating Gaseous Globules 18 Regular
Coppejans, Deanne VLA/18A-123 Radio Observations of Rapid, Luminous and Blue Stellar Explosions 13 Triggered
Coppejans, Deanne VLA/18A-345 A new tool to identify magnetic white dwarfs in Cataclysmic Variables 4 Regular
Corby, Joanna VLA/18A-441 Observing the clumpy physical structure and chemistry of the diffuse ISM 8.5 Regular
Corsi, Alessandra VLA/18A-166 DLT40+VLA: A fast-forwarded view of the mass loss history of Ib/c SN progenitors 8.5 Triggered
Corsi, Alessandra VLA/18A-176 A VLA+ZTF systematic quest for relativistic BL-Ic supernovae 40 Triggered
Corsi, Alessandra VLA/18A-240 Late-time VLA follow-up of the relativistic supernova iPTF17cw 3.5 Regular
Das   , Barnali VLA/18A-142 Low-frequency variability of magnetic star HD 133880 9 Regular
Demorest, Paul VLA/18A-210 Optimizing frequency choice for pulsar timing arrays 60 Regular
Di Gennaro, Gabriella VLA/17B-298 The first deep JVLA study of particle re-acceleration at galaxy cluster shocks 14 Regular
Dutta, Prasun VLA/18A-308 Unveiling turbulence in interstellar medium over two decades of length scales 16 Regular
Dzudzar, Robert VLA/18A-139 The evolution of gas-rich galaxies in the group environment 13.5 Regular
Ebisawa, Yuji VLA/18A-149 Exploring ISM with the absorption of the OH 18 cm Transition 12 Regular
Engels, Dieter VLA/18A-244 The nature of two IR sources with peculiar OH maser profiles 2 Regular
Engels, Dieter VLA/18A-253 OH shell diameters of OH32.8-0.3 and IRC+10011 6.5 Regular
Farihi, Jay VLA/18A-248 Detection of Ongoing Accretion in Polluted White Dwarfs 18 Regular
Feng, Siyi VLA/18A-067 Temperature and density structure of high mass, low luminosity/mass ratio clumps 30 Regular
Feng, Siyi VLA/18A-068 Detailed physical structure of the protostellar shock region L1157-B1 18 Regular
Ferkinhoff, Carl VLA/17B-230 Resolving the radio continuum of W2246 2 Regular
Fischer, Jacqueline VLA/18A-124 Probing the evolutionary status of the host galaxy of a Hot DOG ELIRG at z~3 9 Regular
Fu, Hai VLA/18A-005 VLA Confirmation of Kiloparsec-Scale Binary Radio-AGNs in Stripe 82 4.6 Regular
Fuller, Gary VLA/18A-164 High Frequency Radio Variability of The Young Stars in the LkHa101 Cluster 18 Regular
Gendron Marsolais, Marie-Lou VLA/17A-263 Radio lobes dynamics in NGC 4472 6 Regular
Gendron Marsolais, Marie-Lou VLA/18A-205 Low radio frequency emission in the merging galaxy cluster Abell 2146 4 Regular
Ginsburg, Adam VLA/18A-229 Characterizing high-mass protostars in the whole of Sgr B2 36 Regular
Gonzalez, Jorge VLA/18A-204 Resolving the molecular gas in a z~2 extremely lensed starbursting galaxy. 27.9 Regular
Gorski, Mark VLA/18A-368 Ammonia Thermometry of AGN Feedback.  25.2 Regular
Goulding, Andy VLA/18A-203 Can Radio Emission From Luminous Obscured AGN Blow Kpc-scale Ionized Outflows? 6; Chandra ksec: 38 Regular
Govoni, Federica VLA/18A-072 Picture of magnetic fields in the pair of galaxy clusters A399-A401 90 Regular
Grossova, Romana VLA/18A-317 Investigating the peculiar intermediate state of FR dichotomy of IC 4296. 2.54 Regular
Gupta, Neeraj VLA/18A-161 Characterizing magnetic fields in disks/halos of nearby galaxies 5.95 Regular
Gurwell, Mark VLA/18A-326 Imaging Titan's Troposphere and Surface 47.5 Regular
Gusinskaia, Nina VLA/18A-374 Mapping accretion states in transitional millisecond pulsars 9; Swift ksec: 12 Triggered
Hales, Chris VLA/18A-404 Probing submillimeter galaxies with the Goldreich-Kylafis effect 30 Regular
Hardcastle, Martin VLA/18A-202 Restarting radio galaxies in the HETDEX LOFAR field 8 Regular
Harwood, Jeremy VLA/17B-133 VLA GHz survey of extragalactic sources in the XMM-LSS field (AGES-XL) 24 Regular
Hatsukade, Bunyo VLA/18A-103 Molecular Gas in the Host Galaxy of Long-duration Gamma-ray Burst 16.4 Regular
Heywood, Ian VLA/18A-234 Fossils and monsters in the Hubble Frontier Fields 84 Regular
Hirota, Tomoya VLA/18A-136 Magnetic field structure in the bipolar outflow driven by Orion Source I 7.3 Regular
Hoare, Melvin VLA/18A-104 The Disc-Jet Connection in Massive Star Formation 4.25 Regular
Horesh, Assaf VLA/18A-173 Detecting the Last Breath of a Dying Star 20; Swift ksec: 40 Triggered
Hsieh, Tien-Hao VLA/18A-283 Swimming of ions and neutrals in magnetic pool - The drift velocity in protostar 16 Regular
Hughes, Anna VLA/18A-327 Ultracool Dwarf Radio Emission  and Implications for the TRAPPIST-1 System 7.25 Regular
Hunt, Leslie VLA/18A-167 Gas Scaling Relations in Nearby Metal-Poor Dwarf Starbursts 61.5 Regular
Isbell, Jacob VLA/18A-195 Flat-Spectrum Radio Galaxies with Double Structures: Strongly Lensed AGNs? 2.6 Regular
Izumi, Natsuko VLA/18A-429 Massive star formation activity in the extreme outer Galaxy: Sh2-209 7.1 Regular
Jackson, Neal VLA/18A-140 Solving the riddle of the lensed radio-quiet quasar SDSS J0924+0219 12 Regular
Jaodand, Amruta  VLA/18A-398 Exploring anti-correlated radio/X-ray modes in transitional millisecond pulsars 12; Chandra ksec: 43.2 Regular
Jarvis, Miranda VLA/18A-300 A systematic study of the prevalence of radio jets in z<0.2 quasars 16.6 Regular
Jencson, Jacob VLA/18A-418 In Search of the Missing Supernovae 12 Triggered
Kamieneski, Patrick VLA/18A-399 VLA Study of Hyperluminous SMGs Identified from Planck All-Sky Survey 39 Regular
Kanekar, Nissim VLA/18A-101 Identifying the host galaxies of low-redshift damped Lyman-alpha systems 8.5 Regular
Kao, Melodie VLA/18A-430 Magnetic Fields on Young Planetary-Mass Brown Dwarfs 76 Regular
Karovska, Margarita VLA/18A-271 Dynamic Evolution of the Powerful Jet Activity in the Symbiotic System R Aqr 5 Regular
Keown, Jared VLA/18A-342 NH3 Observations of High-Mass Star-Forming Filaments in AFGL333 40 Regular
Kierdorf, Maja VLA/18A-322 The Nature of Extragalactic Sources with Ultra-High Fractional Polarization 8.6 Regular
Kim, Dong-Chan VLA/18A-267 High-resolution Imaging for Potential Recoiling Black Hole CXO J101527.2+625911 1.9 Regular
Lacey, Christina VLA/17B-191   High Sensitivity Observations  Observations of IC 342 and NGC 2403 7.2 Regular
Lang, Cornelia VLA/18A-303 Variability of the Unusual Galactic Center Source N3 4 Regular
Laskar, Tanmoy VLA/18A-088 Gamma-ray Bursts: Explosion Physics and Probes of Scintillation 30 Triggered
Lee, Chien-Feng VLA/18A-316 Verifying the Radio-loudness of the New Class of Quasars discovered by Subaru 30 Regular
Le Gall, Alice VLA/18A-090 Probing the subsurfaces of Saturn's icy moons at cm wavelengths 32.65 Regular
Lellouch, Emmanuel VLA/17B-114 Pluto's surface emission at centimeter wavelengths: a key to climate evolution 9 Regular
Leung, T.K. Daisy VLA/18A-411 Probing the Cold Gas Properties of a z=3.4 DSFG Lensed by a Galaxy Cluster 3.75 Regular
Li, Juan VLA/18A-421 Mapping Ethylene glycol and glycolaldehyde in Sagittarius B2 with the JVLA 7 Regular
Linford, Justin VLA/18A-365 Imaging the Ejecta in Fermi-detected Classical Novae 9.6 Regular
Li, Shanghuo VLA/18A-250 How to make massive protostellar cluster? 10 Regular
Li, Shanghuo VLA/18A-324 Filaments and Massive Star Formation 14 Regular
Liu, Hauyu VLA/18A-243 Properties of the hot inner disks in accretion outburst young stellar objects 18 Regular
Liu, Mengyao VLA/18A-405 The Earliest Phases of Massive Star Birth. II. High resolution follow-up 15 Regular
Lopez-Coto, Ruben VLA/18A-079 Unveiling the nature of 2HWC J1928+177 1.5 Regular
Lumsden, Stuart VLA/18A-158 Jets from high mass protostars 4.94 Regular
Macias, Enrique VLA/17A-385 Thermal Free-free Emission in PMS Stars: Radio Jets and Photoevaporating Disks 10 Regular
Macias, Enrique VLA/18A-396 Imaging the planet forming region in the disk of TW Hya at 7 mm 12 Regular
Man, Allison VLA/18A-041 Testing the mode of star formation in galaxies at z=2-3 with dense molecular gas 8.52 Regular
Man, Allison VLA/18A-228 Confirming the Low Molecular Gas Fraction in z > 2 Massive Quenched Galaxies 29.12 Regular
Marecki, Andrzej VLA/18A-071 Multifrequency study of a potentially double-double source J0028+0035 1 Regular
Marecki, Andrzej VLA/18A-151 Recurrent activity in 3C328 radio galaxy 0.5 Regular
Margutti, Raffaella VLA/18A-119 Mapping of the Mass-Loss History of Massive Stars just before Core-Collapse 13 Triggered
Masque, Josep Maria VLA/18A-002 The population of compact radio sources in M17 4 Regular
Ma, Yik Ki VLA/18A-332 Probing the Complex Magnetic Field Structure in the Inner Galaxy 15 Regular
McDonald, Michael VLA/17A-258 Mapping Past and Present Radio Outbursts in the Phoenix Galaxy Cluster 10 Regular
McGuire, Brett VLA/18A-370 Mapping the First Interstellar Chiral Molecule, Propylene Oxide, in Sgr B2 20 Regular
McKean, John VLBA/18A-270 Quantifying dark matter substructure in gravitational lens galaxies 18 Regular
Miller-Jones, James VLA/18A-211 Probing transient jet launching in stellar-mass black holes 15.96; Swift ksec: 27 Triggered
Mok, Angus VLA/18A-074 Constraining the Total Gas Radial Profiles for Spirals in Different Environments 12 Regular
Monkiewicz, Jacqueline VLA/16B-359 Direct detection of the primordial giant exoring system around J1407b 7 Regular
Monkiewicz, Jacqueline VLA/18A-311  Direct detection of the primordial giant exoring system around J1407b 3.4 Regular
Moravec, Emily  VLA/18A-039 Radio-Active CoWS: Extended FIRST Sources in MaDCoWS Clusters 11.5 Regular
Morganti, Raffaella VLA/18A-425 Tracing the role of HI in the evolution of radio sources: an extension to z~0.4 18 Regular
Morris, Mark VLA/18A-439 A Synchrotron Filament Connected to SgrA*? -- Pushing the Dynamic Range Envelope 12 Regular
Moscadelli, Luca VLA/16B-014 Characterizing the ionized gas emission in massive protostars 5.4 Regular
Moss, Vanessa VLA/18A-417 The Edge Quartet: a wide binary AGN or rare distant radio cluster? 3.5 Regular
Murgia, Matteo VLA/18A-305 Unveiling the nature of the diffuse radio emission in MaxBCG J125.68040+45.54362 4 Regular
Murphy, Eric VLA/16B-320 Unveiling the High-Redshift Universe Through A Deep 10GHz Survey of GOODS-N 25 Large
Neeleman, Marcel VLA/18A-403 The Nature of the Host Galaxies of Damped Lyman-alpha Absorbers at z~4 35.75; HST Orbits: 4 Regular
Nesvadba, Nicole VLA/18A-285 Turbulence - the missing link between jet feedback and star formation quenching 6.4 Regular
Omar, Amitesh VLA/18A-174 Radio morphology and magnetic fields in star-forming elliptical galaxies 12 Regular
Orienti, Monica VLA/18A-087 Unveiling particle acceleration regions in X-ray synchrotron emitting hotspots 7 Regular
Osorio, Mayra VLA/18A-375 HOPS108: triggered star formation vs runaway star? 3.5 Regular
Oteo, Ivan VLA/18A-110 The evolution of (by far) the most extreme proto-cluster in the early Universe 33 Regular
Oteo, Ivan VLA/18A-135 High-res CO1-0 imaging of SDP.81 to complement the ALMA long-baseline campaign  72 Regular
Oteo, Ivan VLA/18A-340 A dense molecular gas survey at high redshift 85 Regular
Oteo, Ivan VLA/18A-407 Cold gas in the most luminous starbursts at z > 4  28 Regular
Pandey, Sanjay VLA/18A-350 Probing Radio Relic origins: Spectral Index Curvature study of Abell 1300 relic 3 Regular
Pannuti, Thomas VLA/18A-309 New Radio Observations of the Extragalactic Candidate Microquasar N7793-S26 3 Regular
Perley, Daniel VLA/17B-200 Radio monitoring of a serendipitous transient in Cygnus A 6 Regular
Perley, Richard VLA/17B-053 The Physics of the Jet in the Quasar 3C273 16 Regular
Peters, Josephine VLA/18A-257 Constraining star formation rates for Herschel-selected galaxies in XMM-LSS 28.32 Regular
Petriella, Alberto VLA/18A-093 Study of the PWN candidate HESS J1908+063 and the SNR candidate HESS J1912+101 6.46 Regular
Pierce, Jonathon VLA/18A-424 The properties of intermediate power radio galaxies: accretion and feedback 10 Regular
Pineda, Jaime VLA/18A-131 Are dense cores in OrionA bound? A crucial test 64 Regular
Plotkin, Richard VLA/18A-277 Tracking the black hole disk/jet connection into quiescence 5 Triggered
Prandoni, Isabella VLA/18A-440 A Window on early SMBH Formation and Evolution: the z=6.3 J1030 QSO Legacy Field 45 Regular
Punsly, Brian VLA/18A-111 P-Band VLA Observations of Blazar Radio Lobes 2.34 Regular
Radcliffe, Jack VLA/18A-392 The nature of the microJy variable source population in GOODS-N 10.0878 Regular
Rawes, Josie VLA/18A-213 Extreme jet bending on kiloparsec scales: The doughnut in NGC 6109 6 Regular
Ribas, Alvaro VLA/18A-419 Understanding the circumbinary disk(s?) of HD 98800 4.25 Regular
Ricci, Luca VLA/18A-208 The migration of small solids in a young brown dwarf disks 11.26 Regular
Rich, Evan  VLA/18A-426 Linking the Jet, Inner Disk, and Outer Disk of HD 163296 1.87; HST Orbits: 8 Regular
Riechers, Dominik VLA/18A-040 COLDz: Faint-End Slope of the CO Luminosity Function at z=2-3 55 Regular
Rivilla, Victor M. VLA/18A-031 Dissecting the monolithic molecular core G31.41+0.31 13.64 Regular
Rodriguez, Luis VLA/17A-069 The Nature and Present Position of Source n in the Orion BN/KL Region 4 Regular
Rodriguez, Luis VLA/18A-037 Imaging the Optical-Radio Jet Candidate in NGC 232 3 Regular
Rosero, Viviana VLA/18A-294 Peering into Massive Star Birth: Comprehensive SEDs and Ionization Modeling 10 Regular
Ruffa, Ilaria VLA/18A-200 Jets in Radio Galaxies with extended molecular gas: orientation or interaction? 7 Regular
Rujopakarn, Wiphu VLA/18A-199 Capturing Radio AGNs at Cosmic Dawn with JVLA and JWST 190 Regular
Russell, Thomas VLA/18A-194 The radio/X-ray behaviour of the neutron star X-ray binary 4U 1820-30 4; Swift ksec: 4 Triggered
Sahai, Raghvendra VLA/18A-357 High-Velocity Bullet Ejections From a Dying Star: A VLA  Study of V Hya 10.2 Regular
Saikia, Payaswini VLA/18A-034 Palomar 15 GHz survey of active galactic nuclei in the nearby universe 7.5 Regular
Sakemi, Haruka VLA/18A-354 High Resolution and Broadband Polarimetry of the W50 East 56 Regular
Sanchez, Monica VLA/18A-389 Follow-up Observations of confused HI sources in the ALFAZOA survey 21 Regular
Sanna, Alberto VLA/18A-290 Radio jet properties in the first disk-jet system around an O-type young star 1 Regular
Schinzel, Frank VLA/18A-098 Complete survey of unassociated gamma-ray objects in the 7-year Fermi catalog 26 Regular
Schoedel, Rainer VLA/18A-062 Massive stars in the Galactic center: the Arches and Quintuplet clusters 5.42 Regular
Sethuram, Ramya VLA/18A-156 The search for A Binary Black Hole in The Giant Low Surface Brightness Galaxy 0.44 Regular
Sharon, Chelsea VLA/18A-113 Disentangling AGN and Star Formation Effects on the Molecular ISM of z~2 SMGs 14 Regular
Sharon, Chelsea VLA/18A-114 Increasing the Number of High-z UV-bright Galaxies with CO(1-0) Detections 10.5 Regular
Sharon, Chelsea VLA/18A-116 Super-thermal Gas Excitation or Missing Flux? Peculiar CO Line Ratios at z~2-3 30 Regular
Shi, Dongdong VLA/18A-297 Witnessing the Formation of Ultra Diffuse Galaxies in Low Density Environments 23 Regular
Shishkovsky, Laura  VLA/18A-081 The Comprehensive VLA Survey for Black Holes in Globular Clusters 58.25 Regular
Shu, Xinwen VLA/18A-170 The missing link: probing the jet emission from low-mass supersoft AGNs 3.2 Regular
Shu, Xinwen VLA/18A-207 JVLA survey towards a pilot sample of candidate TDEs revealed with IR echoes 9.66 Regular
SHYNU VARGHESE, SAVIN VLA/18A-023 Fossil Emission Around Young Radio Galaxies and the AGN Duty Cycle 5.5 Regular
Sierra, Anibal VLA/17B-253 NOW YOU SEE ME: Enhanced Emission from Grain Growth in Dust Traps 10 Regular
Sokoloski, Jennifer VLA/18A-415 Gamma-ray Quiet Novae: What Sets the Gamam-Ray Luminosity of Novae? 12.5; HST Orbits: 3 Regular
Sommer, Martin VLA/18A-146 A comparison of galaxy cluster selections through radio halo statistics  19.6 Regular
Spekkens, Kristine VLA/18A-185 The HI Properties of Isolated Blue Stellar Systems in the Virgo Cluster 8 Regular
Stockdale, Christopher VLA/18A-279 Long Term Monitoring of Radio Supernovae with the Jansky VLA -  2018A 21.32 Regular
Stovall, Kevin VLA/18A-369 Pulsar Observations at 74 MHz with the Expanded Long Wavelength Array 15 Regular
Stroe, Andra VLA/18A-313 Cosmic tsunamis: testing modern cluster radio relic models with observations 20 Regular
Suess, Katherine VLA/18A-390 Understanding the Origin of Large Gas Reservoirs in Recently-Quenched Galaxies 7.5; HST Orbits: 3 Regular
Taniguchi, Kotomi VLA/18A-059 Spatial Distributions of HC5N and CH3OH toward G16.86-2.16 5.5 Regular
Taylor, Greg VLA/18A-017 High Resolution Imaging of AGN at 74 MHz with the Expanded LWA Take 2 21 Regular
Towner, Allison VLA/18A-249 Surveying the Protostellar Population Powering Extended Green Objects (EGOs) 8 Regular
Tozzi, Paolo VLA/18A-019 A Study of radio nuclear emission in BCGs and member galaxies in CLASH 22.5 Regular
Tremonti, Christy VLA/18A-127  Probing Dust-Obscured Star Formation in Massive Ultra-compact Galaxies 33.33 Regular
Umehata, Hideki VLA/18A-242 Unveiling the accretion activity in a node of the cosmic web at z=3  56 Regular
Uscanga, Lucero VLA/18A-275 Interferometric confirmation of six ``water fountain'' candidates 3 Regular
Vacca, Valentina VLA/18A-325 Magnetic field investigation in a cosmic filament of the large scale structure 2.5 Regular
van Velzen, Sjoert VLA/18A-171 Jet-disk coupling in tidal disruption events 18.9 Triggered
van Velzen, Sjoert VLA/18A-373 Systematic radio follow-up of stellar tidal disruption flares  32 Triggered
van Weeren, Reinout VLA/17B-367 Probing Cosmic Star Formation with the JVLA Lensing Cluster Survey 40 Regular
van Weeren, Reinout VLA/18A-172 Uncovering a New Population of Diffuse Ultra-Steep Spectrum Radio Sources 30 Regular
Vlemmings, Wouter VLA/18A-001 Constraining the dust properties in the shell around R Scl 15 Regular
Wang, Ke VLA/18A-422 Outflow feedback in early stages of clustered star formation 21 Regular
Wang, Ran VLA/18A-232 Radio activity of the optically faint quasars at the earliest epoch 36 Regular
White, Jacob VLA/18A-328 Measuring the Emission from Sirius A's Stellar Atmosphere 3.68 Regular
Wilcots, Eric VLA/18A-217 Measuring the Jet Characteristics of Bent Double Radio Sources in Galaxy Groups 27.5 Regular
Williams, Peter VLA/18A-318 Completing the first radio census of nearby directly-imaged exoplanets 9 Regular
Williams, Peter VLA/18A-427 The wind speed on an extrasolar world 33 Regular
Windhorst, Rogier VLA/18A-338 Co-evolution of Starforming Galaxies and AGN in the JWST NEP Deep Field  70 Regular
Wong, Ka Tat VLA/18A-064 Probing the Complex Circumstellar Environment of IRC +10420 10 Regular
Yang, Aiyuan VLA/18A-066 Searching for HC HII regions from steep spectra radio objects 13.5 Regular
Young, Lisa VLA/18A-226 HI in multi-spin stellar counterrotator galaxies 10 Regular
Yusef-Zadeh, Farhad VLA/18A-080 Completion of a Methanol  Maser Survey of the Galactic Center 6 Regular
Yusef-Zadeh, Farhad VLA/18A-091 VLA Monitoring of Sgr A* in July 2018 Coordinated  with Spitzer, Chandra & ALMA 14 Regular
Yusef-Zadeh, Farhad VLBA/18A-201 Search for Radio Emission from the S Stars Orbiting Sgr A* 8 Regular