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Science Program 2020A

by Davis Murphy last modified Nov 19, 2019 by Dana Balser

A total of 226 new proposals were received for the 1 August submission deadline for Semester 2020A. The table below summarizes the approved observing programs for the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA), the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA)/High Sensitivity Array (HSA) and the Global 3mm VLBI Array (GMVA).  Listed are the PI name, proposal ID, proposal title, maximum hours approved, and proposal type (Regular, Triggered, or Large). Proposals from previous semesters that were awarded time by NRAO are included.  Also listed are HSA proposals that include the VLA as a VLBI station.

For each approved program, the Proposal Finder Tool will have access to its authors, title, abstract, and total approved hours.

Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA)

Aggarwal, Kshitij VLA/20A-299 Follow-up of REALFAST Fast Radio Bursts 18 Triggered
Alexander, Kate VLA/20A-324 Pinpointing the Radio Emission from NS Mergers in LIGO/Virgo's 3rd Observing Run 18.7 Triggered
Alexander, Kate VLA/20A-372 Exploring Mass Ejection in SMBHs via Radio Observations of TDEs 22 Triggered
Anderson, Loren VLA/20A-087 The First Galactic Quadrant Supernova Remnant Population 11 Regular
Arabsalmani, Maryam VLA/20A-307 Massive star explosions in high density gas 133 Regular
Araya, Esteban VLA/20A-311 Origin of the Excited Hydroxyl Outflow in G34.26+0.15 1.17 Regular
Araya, Esteban VLA/20A-315 Viability of CH3OH Proper Motion Studies of Outflows 4 Regular
Arce-Tord, Carla VLA/19B-260 Quantifying the connection between ERE and AME in NGC 7023 6.06 Regular
Baker, Deborah VLA/20A-047 Understanding the Correlation between Solar Abundances and F10.7 Radio Emission 21 Regular
Balasubramanian, Arvind VLA/20A-185 LONG-TERM MONITORING OF GW170817 WITH THE JANSKY VLA 7 Regular
Baldi, Ranieri VLA/20A-169 The origin of radio emission in Radio-Quiet Quasars 32.76 Regular
Bhandari, Shivani VLA/20A-157 Uncovering the radio continuum properties of Fast Radio Burst host galaxies.  6.25 Triggered
Bhandari, Shivani VLA/20A-163 Localizing a unique southern fast radio burst source 20 Regular
Borthakur, Sanchayeeta VLA/20A-125 Unveiling the Triggers and Impact of Star Formation in Extended Disks 48 Regular
Burke, Colin VLA/20A-132 Pilot Follow-Up of Variability-Selected IMBH from the Dark Energy Survey 5.07 Regular
Cannon, John VLA/20A-330 SHIELD:  The Survey of HI in Extremely Low-mass Dwarfs 511.5 Large
Carniani, Stefano VLA/20A-154 The molecular side of a star-forming galaxy within the epoch of Reionization 44 Regular
Carrasco-Gonzalez, Carlos VLA/20A-356 DG TAU: IT MAY LOOK BORED, BUT LET'S BETTER LISTEN TO IT 5 Regular
Castelletti, Gabriela VLA/20A-170 The missing puzzle piece: A JVLA low-frequency look at the Cygnus Loop 11.5 Regular
Chandra, Poonam VLA/20A-078 SN 2017hcc with the JVLA - a highly polarized Type IIn supernova 1 Regular
Chandra, Poonam VLA/20A-124 15 years of circumstellar interaction in  SN 2001em 5 Regular
Cheng, Yu VLA/20A-405 JVLA NH3 survey of filament clouds across different evolutionary stages  6.8 Regular
Chen, Xi VLA/20A-107 Investigation of multiple new maser transitions from CH3OH and 13CH3OH 4 Regular
Chiaraluce, Elia VLA/20A-065 The radio cores of high luminosity AGN at C, X, Ku bands: completing the sample 14.13 Regular
Chiaraluce, Elia VLA/20A-066 The radio cores of high-luminosity AGN at K and Q bands: completing the sample 14.48 Regular
choi, Woorak VLA/20A-310 Deep polarization observations of NGC 4522 7.4 Regular
Chomiuk, Laura VLA/20A-367 Radio Observations of Novae: New Answers to Classic Questions 28 Triggered
Chung, Aeree VLA/20A-122 Local HI Monsters: Resolving HI Gas and Star Formation Properties 50 Regular
Chung, Aeree VLA/20A-123 The HI Mapping Survey of the Northern BASS Sample 57 Regular
Claussen, Mark VLA/20A-331 A Pilot Survey of Extended Stellar Atmospheres for Excited-State OH Emission 27 Regular
Costa, Allison VLA/20A-252 Probing Extreme Star Formation in the Antennae Galaxies 39 Regular
Cuciti, Virginia VLA/20A-017 Cosmic shocks under the magnifying glass 26 Regular
Dai, Xinyu VLA/20A-096 The Origin of  the Unresolved Radio Emission of Radio-Quiet Quasars 18 Regular
Das   , Barnali VLA/20A-012 Coherent radio emission from the most distant main-sequnence-pulsar HD35298 8 Regular
de Kleer, Katherine VLA/20A-295 Thermal surface properties of the icy galilean satellites 10 Regular
Fischer, Travis VLA/20A-199 Is that a jet, or is it just the wind? 10 Regular
Fong, Wen-fai VLA/19B-217 Elucidating the Explosion Properties of Cosmological Short GRBs with the VLA 23.3 Triggered
Forbrich, Jan VLA/20A-263 A complete survey of HII regions around the Giant Molecular Clouds of M31 34.5 Regular
Frail, Dale VLA/20A-115 JAGWAR: Jansky VLA mapping of Gravitational Wave bursts as Afterglows in Radio 26 Triggered
Gallimore, Jack VLBA/20A-190 The Water Megamaser Disk of NGC1068: Self-Gravitation or Keplerian Rotation? 6 Regular
Gatkine, Pradip VLA/20A-397 Tracing the Molecular Gas in GRB host galaxies at z > 2 - copy 26.11 Regular
Gelfand, Joseph VLA/20A-265 A Synergistic Radio / Optical Investigation of Galaxy-scale Outflows 23.6 Regular
Gendron Marsolais, Marie-Lou VLA/20A-092 The Perseus cluster's heart at high radio frequencies 16 Regular
Gim, Hansung VLA/20A-243 HiVLA-DISK: High angular resolution VLA mapping of the local DISK galaxies 150 Regular
Ginsburg, Adam VLA/20A-090 Free-free contributions to ALMA-IMF targets 7 Regular
Gusinskaia, Nina VLA/20A-200 Mapping accretion states in transitional millisecond pulsars 6; Swift: 12 ksec Triggered
Hall, Kirsten VLA/20A-363 The Radio Spectrum of Radio Quiet Quasars 3.1 Regular
Hatsukade, Bunyo VLA/20A-133 Constraining Superluminous Supernova Models and Obscured Star Formation in Hosts 33 Regular
Hickox, Ryan VLA/20A-327 Diffuse Emission from a Spectacular Extended Outflow in a Massive Galaxy Merger 21.15 Regular
Hlavacek-Larrondo, Julie  VLA/20A-198 Imaging the coma cluster of galaxies with the JVLA 15 Regular
Ho, Anna VLA/20A-335 A search for off-axis jets in Ic-BL supernovae with GRB-like host environments 16.02 Regular
Ho, Anna VLA/20A-374 Fast-Luminous Transients: A New Class of Engine-Driven Explosions 30 Regular
Horellou, Cathy VLA/20A-147  Continuum and polarization of a giant radio galaxy at 3-1000 kpc scale 16 Regular
Ho, Stephanie VLA/20A-400 HI Observations of z=0.2 Galaxies with Corotating Circumgalactic Gas 36 Regular
Hughes, Anna VLA/20A-362 Unlocking the Origins of Ultracool Dwarf Radio Emission 7.1 Regular
Hughes, Anna VLA/20A-365 Investigating the Rotation-Activity Relation in Ultracool Dwarfs 5.798 Regular
Hu, Huijie VLA/20A-202 Isolated dwarf galaxies dominated by baryons 55 Regular
Hunter, Laura VLA/20A-085 Timescales of Neutral and Ionized Gas Kinematics in Low-Mass Galaxies 120 Regular
Jaskot, Anne VLA/20A-271 How to Form a LyC-Emitting Starburst: HI and Optical Depth in Green Pea Galaxies 22.81 Regular
Ju, Mengting VLA/20A-229 Starburst in a BCD trigged by gas accretion? 26 Regular
Kanekar, Nissim VLA/20A-242 Mapping HI 21cm emission in Green Pea galaxies 48; HST: 7 orbits Regular
Kao, Melodie VLA/20A-381 Does ultracool dwarf high frequency emission trace radiation belts? 13.5 Regular
Kapinska, Anna VLA/20A-353 Deep imaging of a nearby radio galaxy residing in starforming, interacting host 12.5 Regular
Kapinska, Anna VLA/20A-355 Parsec scale imaging of relativistic jet in NGC 612 1.75 Regular
Kim, Dongjin VLA/20A-225 Search for molecular absorbers in the cores of radio galaxies 27.8 Regular
Kim, Kee-Tae VLA/20A-184 Unique 44GHz Class I Methanol Maser Sources with Very Compact Structures 8.4 Regular
Klement, Robert VLA/20A-357 Prevalence of SED turndown among Be stars: Are all Be stars close binaries? 8.25 Regular
Ko, Chia-Lin VLA/20A-339 High Resolution Dust Polarization Observations on IRAS16293B and NGC1333 IRAS4A1 5.72 Regular
Koenig, Sabine VLA/20A-275 Understanding the continuum in the Medusa merger 6.1 Regular
Kooi, Jason VLA/20A-193 Radio Remote-Sensing of the Corona to Support Parker Solar Probe Perihelion #5 64 Regular
Koptelova, Ekaterina VLA/20A-348 Mass and distribution of molecular gas in a star-forming system at z~7 6 Regular
Lacey, Christina VLA/20A-352 JVLA Observations of Galactic SNRs with Synchrotron Dominated X-ray Spectra  8.85; XMM-Newton: 50 ksec Regular
Lacy, Mark VLA/20A-156 Studying the formation of galactic-scale magnetic fields in ELAIS-N1 39 Regular
Lacy, Mark VLA/20A-274 Imaging the Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect from a strong wind in a stormy teacup 28 Regular
Laskar, Tanmoy VLA/19B-124 Exploring Extreme Explosions from the Cosmic Dawn 20 Triggered
Lee, Kianhong VLA/20A-303 CO(1-0) survey of seven most distant radio galaxies at z~5 64 Regular
Lee, Min-Young VLA/20A-235 ESPOIR: The VLA Survey of the CNM in and around Perseus 71 Regular
Linford, Justin VLA/19B-219 Rapid Radio Monitoring to Uncover Shocks in Classical Novae 13.3 Triggered
Linford, Justin VLA/19B-220 VLA Follow-up of REALFAST Fast Radio Bursts 8 Triggered
Liu, Hauyu VLA/20A-106 Is there millimeter-sized dust settled in the mid-plane of inner FU Ori disk? 9 Regular
Loomis, Ryan VLA/20A-390 Probing the Nitrile Reservoir of the Comet Forming Zone in a Solar Nebula Analog 20 Regular
Luber, Nicholas VLA/20A-396 Neutral Hydrogen to Study Spiral-Elliptical Encounters 14 Regular
Lucero, Danielle  VLA/20A-109 Using HI, H2, and [C II] to measure Pressure in CO-rich Early-Type Galaxies 45.5 Regular
Lutz, Katharina VLA/20A-204 TIDAL INTERACTION IN THE NCG 1052 GROUP 24 Regular
MacGregor, Meredith VLA/20A-219 Constraining Collisional Models of Planetesimals in Debris Disks 36 Regular
Macias, Enrique VLA/20A-211 The VLA View of Substructures in Protoplanetary Disks 16.25 Large
Mancera PiÒa, Pavel VLA/20A-094 The connection between dark-matter poor and normal galaxies 56.07 Regular
Mancera PiÒa, Pavel VLA/20A-095 High-resolution kinematics of a dark-matter-poor ultra-diffuse galaxy 50 Regular
Margot, Jean-Luc VLA/20A-389 Venus Spin Precession, Moment of Inertia, and Core Size 3 Regular
Margot, Jean-Luc VLA/20A-391 Spin State and Interior of Mercury 1 Regular
Margutti, Raffaella VLA/20A-354 Radio Observations of Rapid, Luminous and Blue Stellar Explosions 7.3 Triggered
Maureira, MarÌa JosÈ VLA/20A-369 Constraining orbits for a young bound protostellar system 1.6 Regular
Meng, Fanyi VLA/20A-345 Searching for polarized emission towards the non-thermal source SgrB2(DS) 8 Regular
Miller-Jones, James VLA/20A-196 Transient jet launching in stellar-mass black holes 10.64; Swift: 27 ksec Triggered
Mills, Elisabeth VLA/20A-173 A New Probe of the Diffuse Galactic Center ISM 38.2 Regular
Mingo, Beatriz VLA/19A-151 FRIIs with unusually low luminosity: A JVLA-LOFAR study 7 Regular
Moeckel, Chris  VLA/20A-313 Tracking short time variability on Jupiter 22; HST: 12 orbits Regular
Momjian, Emmanuel VLA/20A-102 A search for Zeeman candidate 9.9 and 23.4 GHz Class I methanol masers in OMC-1 1 Regular
Moore, Amber VLA/20A-040 Neutral Hydrogen Fibers as a Test of Filament Formation 9.5 Regular
Nandi, Sumana VLA/20A-223 A giant episodic radio galaxy with a signature of transmute jet axis 2.99 Regular
Nandi, Sumana VLA/20A-306 High frequency observations of recently identified double-double radio galaxies 10.25 Regular
Ogle, Patrick VLA/20A-272 Radio Jet Feedback in Spiral Galaxy Messier 58 2.5 Regular
Pajdosz-Smierciak, Urszula VLA/20A-294 Crossing the limit of the size of radio sources 7.5 Regular
Panessa, Francesca  VLA/20A-064 Linking AGN radio emission and winds feedback in the SUBWAYS sample 20.35 Regular
ParÈ, Dylan VLA/20A-329 New Observations of Southern-Latitude Galactic Center Non-Thermal Filaments 10.01 Regular
Peng, Sijia VLA/20A-249 Exploring a radio outflow from the quiescent supermassive black hole in M32 7.5 Regular
Petriella, Alberto VLA/20A-247 Radio study of circumstellar nebulae around LBV star candidates 4.34 Regular
Plotkin, Richard VLA/20A-292 Million Solar Mass Black Holes Near the Eddington Limit 8.5 Regular
Raja, Ramij VLA/20A-266 Deep observations of the cluster diffuse radio sources with the EVLA 4 Regular
Remijan, Anthony VLA/20A-166 The VLA-PILS Pilot: Towards an unbiased spectral survey of IRAS 16293-2422 10 Regular
Ricci, Luca VLA/18A-208 The migration of small solids in a young brown dwarf disks 9 Regular
Riechers, Dominik VLA/20A-083 Z-GAL: Total Cold Gas Masses for a Large Sample of Herschel-Selected Starbursts 27.08 Regular
RiviËre, Pablo VLA/20A-142 Probing the cold dust in the AB Aur disc: A dust trap in a decaying vortex? (II) 8.5 Regular
Rivilla, Victor M. VLA/20A-222 Ethylene glycol (CH2OH)2 at 7 GHz: bright light thanks to the tunneling 12 Regular
Rodighiero, Giulia VLA/20A-264 Constraining the Upper Mass Tail of the IMF in young high-z starbursts 38.68 Regular
Rodriguez, Luis VLA/20A-020 Monitoring the Radio Emission from epsilon Eridani 8 Regular
Rugel, Michael VLA/20A-160 THOR-GC: An extension of THOR to the Galactic Center 124.8 Regular
Russell, Thomas VLA/20A-255 The radio/X-ray behaviour of the neutron star X-ray binary 4U 1820-30 2; Swift: 2 ksec Triggered
Sarma, Anuj VLA/20A-039 Zeeman Observations of three 25 GHz Class I Methanol Maser Transitions 3 Regular
Sasikumar, Silpa VLA/20A-176 Establishing the origin of radio emission and outflows in type 2 quasars 5 Regular
Sasikumar, Silpa VLA/20A-182 Distinguishing Winds And Jets in Radio-quiet Quasars Through Polarimetry 33 Regular
Schramm, Malte VLA/20A-323 Probing the gas content of active galaxies hosting the most massive black holes 39.7 Regular
Scott, Thomas VLA/20A-005 Searching for evidence  of metal poor cold gas infall to low z galaxies 40 Regular
Sharon, Chelsea VLA/20A-289 AGN vs Star Formation: Radio Continuum Mapping in a Strongly Lensed z=2.6 Galaxy 7.3 Regular
Shinnaga, Hiroko VLA/20A-394 Mass Outflow and the Circumstellar Magnetic field of the Red Supergiant VY CMa 8 Regular
Shu, Xinwen VLA/20A-128 Nature of transient radio emission from TDE candidates revealed with MIR echoes 2.72 Regular
Shu, Xinwen VLA/20A-251 Radio emission from the rapidly "turn-on" AGNs revealed with MIR echoes 4.39 Regular
Smith, Krista VLA/20A-158 The Last Piece of the Puzzle: A JVLA Radio Atlas of the BAT AGN Legacy Survey II 25 Regular
Sokolovsky, Kirill VLA/20A-395 Continued multi-frequency monitoring of GeV-bright classical novae 12.25 Regular
Spilker, Justin VLA/20A-188 Testing the origin of highly extended molecular gas around z~0.7 post-starbursts 8.3 Regular
Stein, Yelena VLA/20A-018 VLA S-band observations of six spiral galaxies from the CHANG-ES sample 25 Regular
Stephens, Ian VLA/19A-388 HL Tau Polarization: Long Wavelengths Provide a Critical Test  25 Regular
Stroh, Michael VLA/20A-101 Do SiO v=3 lines or line ratios uniquely trace circumstellar shell conditions? 20.8 Regular
Svoboda, Brian VLA/19B-172 JVLA-ammonia and ALMA-dust measure the origins of the IMF 45 Regular
Tahani, Mehrnoosh VLA/20A-165 Magnetic Fields in Molecular Clouds - A New Use for Faraday Rotation Measures 64 Regular
Tazzari, Marco VLA/19A-440 Measuring the grain size radial profile in the 4-planet CI Tau system 7.2 Regular
Tazzari, Marco VLA/20A-373 A conclusive test of grain growth and radial drift in young circumstellar disks 52.96 Regular
Thomson, Alasdair VLA/19A-401 The sizes and spectral indices of ~800 radio-detected galaxies in GOODS-N 4 Regular
Trigilio, Corrado VLA/20A-099 Search for Auroral Radio Emission from the Teegarden's Planetary System 18 Regular
TROJA, ELEONORA VLA/20A-344 Electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational wave events  29 Triggered
van den Eijnden, Jakob VLA/20A-171 Radio monitoring of the evolving jets during a BeXRB giant outburst 21 Triggered
van den Eijnden, Jakob VLA/20A-172 Where does the accreting neutron star The Rapid Burster launch its jet? 2.27; Swift: 6.6 ksec Triggered
van den Eijnden, Jakob VLA/20A-175 Probing jet and wind outflows in Her X-1 using VLA and XMM-Newton 6 Regular
van Velzen, Sjoert VLA/20A-392 VLA follow-up of stellar tidal disruption flares found in ZTF 17.6 Triggered
Wang, Tao VLA/20A-334 A deep  CO(1-0) survey towards the most distant known galaxy cluster at z=2.51 36.2 Regular
Wharton, Robert VLBA/20A-262 Imaging the Scattering Disk of J1746-2850 4 Regular
Williams, Anna VLA/20A-360 Completing the search for magnetic fields in the intragroup medium of NGC 2563 10 Regular
Yamashita, Takuji VLA/20A-317 High resolution radio imaging of high-z radio galaxy candidates at z > 4 8.7 Regular
Zapata, Luis VLA/20A-256 Rotation in the Plane of the Sky of the Clumpy UX Tau A Disk? 2.8 Regular
Zavala, Jorge VLA/20A-386 CO(2-1) observations in DSFGs at z~6 40 Regular
Zhou, Ping VLA/20A-071 Structure and environment of G7.7-3.7, a historical supernova sighted in AD 386 8.5 Regular

Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA), High Sensitivity Array (HSA), and Global 3mm VLBI Array (GMVA)

Baczko, Anne-Kathrin GMVA/19B-179 Resolving the twin-jet base in NGC 1052 11 Regular
Busch, Michael VLBA/19A-260 Radar Speckle Tracking Observations of Near-Earth Asteroids in 2019 - 2021 16.17 Triggered
Casadio, Carolina GMVA/19B-127 ALMA revealing the fine structure of shocks in the extreme blazar CTA†102 10 Regular
Cho, Ilje GMVA/19B-147 Resolving the counter-jet of 3C 84 at 3 mm with GMVA+ALMA 7 Regular
Chomiuk, Laura VLBA/20A-361 Radio Observations of Novae: New Answers to Classic Questions 84 Triggered
Curiel, Salvador VLBA/20A-304 VLBA observations of nearby ultracool dwarfs 27 Regular
Curiel, Salvador VLBA/20A-318 Unveiling the orbital motions of the sub-stellar companions of the WTTS DoAr21 31.5 Regular
Dodson, Richard VLBA/20A-024 MultiView Astrometry to Measure the Structure of the Galactic Magnetic Field 25 Regular
Dzib, Sergio VLBA/18A-102 Dynamical masses of young stellar multiple systems with the VLBA 24 Large
Gallimore, Jack VLBA/20A-190 The Water Megamaser Disk of NGC1068: Self-Gravitation or Keplerian Rotation? 6 Regular
Gomez, Jose L. GMVA/19B-134 Imaging massive binary black hole candidate OJ287 with the GMVA+ALMA 14 Regular
Hervet, Olivier VLBA/20A-084 Probing ultra fast jet motion after a major X-ray flare in the BL Lac Mrk 421 60 Triggered
Issaoun, Sara GMVA/19B-212 Sharpening the Source Model for Sgr A* with GMVA+ALMA 10 Regular
Janssen, Michael GMVA/19B-243 Unraveling the nature of the Cen A jet: From cm to mm on light-day scales. 5.83 Regular
Jones, Dayton VLBA/20A-044 VLBA Astrometry of the Juno Spacecraft: The Final Epochs 4 Regular
Kao, Melodie VLBA/20A-382 Does ultracool dwarf high frequency emission trace radiation belts? 13.5 Regular
Kim, Jae-Young GMVA/19B-233 Imaging Jet and Magnetic Field near the Spinning SMBH in M87 14 Regular
Kovalev, Yuri VLBA/19B-237 Search for recollimation in AGN jets 48 Regular
Kravchenko, Evgeniya VLBA/20A-062 Tracing variaiblity of the inner jet in M87 11 Regular
Kulkarni, Shri VLBA/20A-319 PSR J1740+1000: An exotic intervening nebula 12 Regular
Kunert-Bajraszewska, Magdalena VLBA/20A-052 High-resolution images of compact AGN embeded in a X-ray cluster 4 Regular
Lister, Matthew VLBA/19B-194 MOJAVE: Probing Acceleration and Magnetic Field Evolution in AGN Jets 432 Large
Liu, Xin VLBA/20A-326 Discovery of Sub-kpc Dual/Offset AGN from Gaia Astrometry 32.25 Regular
Marscher, Alan GMVA/19B-166 Millimeter-wave Imaging of the Gamma-Ray Emitting Regions of Blazar Jets (cont.) 48 Regular
Marscher, Alan VLBA/17B-056 Sub-milliarcsecond Imaging of the Gamma-ray Emission Regions of Blazars 144 Large
Melis, Carl VLBA/20A-340 Toward Routine Microarcsecond VLBI Astrometry  24 Regular
Miller-Jones, James VLBA/20A-194 Transient jet launching in stellar-mass black holes 52;Swift: 27 ksec Triggered
Nyland, Kristina VLBA/20A-201 VLBA Follow-up of VLASS AGN Transients at High Redshift 48 Regular
Ortiz, Gisela VLBA/20A-127 VLBA astrometry of water masers associated to protostars in  Serpens South 36.4 Regular
Ramakrishnan, Venkatessh VLBA/20A-359 Compact calibrator survey for mm-VLBI 7 Regular
Schellenberger, Gerrit VLBA/20A-097 NGC5044, the archetypal cooling flow group: has a new feedback cycle started? 11 Regular
Schinzel, Frank VLBA/19B-048 A Parallax for PSR J0002+6216 16 Regular
Sjouwerman, Lorant VLBA/20A-248 Highly excited OH in AGB stars 48 Regular
Soria-Ruiz, Rebeca VLBA/20A-153 Rapid variations in the SiO masers of RX Boo 30 Regular
Spolaor, Sarah VLBA/19B-249 Exploring Post-merger SMBH Evolution with the VLBA 208 Large
Titov, Oleg VLBA/20A-006 Testing of General relativity with observations of radio source 0235+164 24 Regular
Vestergaard, Marianne VLBA/20A-029 The origin of low accretion state radio emission in the changing-look AGN Mrk590 16.8; Swift: 96 ksec Regular
Wharton, Robert VLBA/20A-262 Imaging the Scattering Disk of J1746-2850 4 Regular
Yang, Haneul VLBA/20A-046 Tracing the maser regions affected by the hot companion in the symbiotic system 42 Regular
Zhang, Bo VLBA/20A-143 Validate Gaia Stellar Reference Frame via VLBI Astrometry of Radio Stars 20 Regular