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Science Program 2017A

by Davis Murphy last modified Nov 18, 2016 by Dana Balser

A total of 207 new proposals were received for the 1 August submission deadline for Semester 2017A. The table below summarizes the approved observing programs for the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA). Listed are the PI name, proposal ID, proposal title, maximum hours approved, and proposal type (Regular, Triggered, or Large). Proposals from previous semesters that were awarded time by NRAO in 16B are included.  Also listed are HSA/GMVA proposals that include the VLA as a VLBI station.

For each approved program, the Proposal Finder Tool will have access to its authors, title, abstract, and total approved hours.


Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA)

AJ, Nayana VLA/17A-162 JVLA observations of SNR G353.6-0.7 aka HESS J1731-347 4 Regular
Alexander, Kate VLA/17A-231 VLA Follow-Up of DECam Optical Counterparts to ALV Gravitational Wave Events 12 Triggered
Alexander, Kate VLA/17A-368 VLA Follow-Up of Candidate Tidal Disruption Events with Late-Time Radio Emission 7 Regular
Añez, Nacho VLA/17A-039 Testing particle acceleration in the archetypal protostellar shock L1157-B1 2 Regular
Armentrout, William VLA/16A-371 How Many H II Regions Are There In Our Galaxy? 40 Regular
Ashley, Trisha VLA/17A-372 HI in an Extremely Isolated Early-Type Galaxy KIG 870 3.9 Regular
Banerji, Manda VLA/17A-131 The Cold Gas Reservoirs of Heavily Reddened Quasars Observed with ALMA 30.3 Regular
Banfield, Julie VLA/17A-166 The JVLA-SAMI Cluster Survey 100 Regular
Barnes, Ashley VLA/17A-321 The dynamics of ionised gas within the Galactic Centre 15 Regular
Barro, Guillermo VLA/17A-097 Gas mass and kinematics of compact SFGs at z~2: Witnessing the bulge formation 23 Regular
Basu, Aritra VLA/17A-081 A broad-band polarimetric study of an unbiased sample of radio-loud AGN 23 Regular
Basu, Kaustuv VLA/16A-232 A Radio Training Set for Galaxy Cluster SZ Scaling Relations 17 Regular
Blain, Andrew VLA/17A-198 Cold molecular gas in extremely luminous mid-IR-selected AGNs 40.72 Regular
Bogdan, Akos VLA/17A-265 Probing particle acceleration models with a spectacular merging galaxy cluster 11 Regular
Bonafede, Annalisa VLA/17A-083 Magnetic field amplification by low Mach-number shocks 27 Regular
Borthakur, Sanchayeeta VLA/17A-090 How are HI Disks Fed? Probing Condensation at the Disk-Halo Interface 234 Large
Bower, Geoffrey VLBA/17A-247 Proper Motions of Galactic Center Pulsars 16 Regular
Brinks, Elias VLA/16B-224 Probing the Radio Continuum - Star Formation Rate relation 100 Regular
Burkutean, Sandra VLA/17A-332 Morphological disturbance - a sure bet for finding giant radio halos ?  16.266 Regular
Cannon, John VLA/17A-157 Exploring the Complete Census of Nearby Low-Mass Galaxies from ALFALFA 69 Regular
Cannon, John VLA/17A-240 HI Imaging Of The Lyman Alpha Reference Sample 253.5 Large
Cantwell, Therese VLA/17A-308 Testing the Mass-State Relation for Galaxy Clusters with Diffuse Radio Emission 19 Regular
Castelletti, Gabriela VLA/17A-186 New JVLA spectral and polarimetric radio study of  3C58 in the S and C bands 9.62 Regular
Cesaroni, Riccardo VLA/17A-005 Dissecting the Disk Around a Massive Protostar 2 Regular
Chacon-Tanarro, Ana VLA/17A-288 Search of grain growth towards the center of the pre-stellar core L1544 12.27 Regular
Chakrabarti, Sukanya VLA/17A-224 HI Maps of Strong Spiral Lenses 56 Regular
Chandra, Poonam VLA/17A-133 Tracing the late epoch evolution of  SN 2010jl with the JVLA 1.5 Regular
Corsi, Alessandra VLA/17A-237 Radio follow-up of GWs during Advanced LIGO O3 45 Triggered
Coutens, Audrey VLA/17A-155 Grain growth in the star-forming cluster rho Oph A 13.8 Regular
de Blok, Erwin (W.J.G.) VLA/17A-256 The Extreme Outskirts of HI Disks 168 Regular
del Palacio, Santiago VLA/17A-009 Search of synchrotron radiation in two interacting stellar bubbles (2nd part) 1.334 Regular
de Pater, Imke VLA/17A-036 Context Maps of Jupiter During Juno's Last MWR Orbit 9 Regular
Djordjevic, Julie VLA/17A-130 The Mystery of Missing Massive Star Formation in the Outer Galaxy 29.49 Regular
Drout, Maria VLA/17A-226 VLA Observations as a Probe of Mass Loss from the Progenitors of Luminous IIn SN 8 Regular
Dubner, Gloria VLA/17A-291 The complex system SS433/W50 revisited using the power of the JVLA 6 Regular
Dutta, Rajeshwari VLA/17A-180 Mapping the extended diffuse HI gas in a z~0.02 galaxy 3 Regular
Ebisawa, Yuji VLA/17A-111 Exploring Molecular-Cloud Formation in Heiles Cloud 2 with OH Observations 10 Regular
Eckert, Kathleen VLA/17A-323 An HI view of Quenching in Nascent Groups 30.9 Regular
Emonts, Bjorn VLA/17A-174 Light up the Darkness: the Cold Molecular Medium across a Giant Lya Halo at z~2 25.98 Regular
Engelke, Philip VLA/17A-388 Structure of Dark Gas in Star-Forming Regions: OH Excitation Temperatures 92 Regular
Filho, Mercedes VLA/17A-030 HI Gas in the Halo of an Extremely Metal-Poor Dwarf Galaxy 9 Regular
Fogasy, Judit VLA/17A-003 Star-forming galaxies in the vicinity of powerful AGN: wet-dry merger candidates 4.43 Regular
Fong, Wen-fai VLA/17A-218 Uncovering the Explosion Properties of Short Gamma-ray Bursts with the VLA 19 Triggered
Gendron Marsolais, Marie-Lou VLA/17A-263 Radio lobes dynamics in NGC 4472 9 Regular
Giovannini, Gabriele VLA/17A-024 Magnetic field properties in the bridge at the periphery of the Coma cluster 6 Regular
Giovannini, Gabriele VLA/17A-025 Non-thermal properties of a homogeneous sample of high-redshift clusters 33 Regular
Gonzalez, Jorge VLA/17A-227 Resolving the molecular gas in a z~2 extremely lensed starbursting galaxy. 27.9 Regular
Gowardhan, Avani VLA/17A-034 Using dense gas observations at high redshift to test star formation paradigms  12.1 Regular
Greene, Jenny VLA/17A-356 The search for AU-scale supermassive black hole binaries 2.25; HST Orbits: 6 Regular
Greve, Thomas VLA/17A-362 CO and HCN J=1-0 measurements of ultra-bright Planck/Herschel sources at z~2-3 7.18 Regular
Hada, Kazuhiro VLBA/17A-318 Ultra-deep imaging of the spine-sheath structure of the M87 jet 36 Regular
Hales, Chris VLA/17A-380 Probing The Diffuse Halo of M31 with Faraday Rotation 16 Regular
Harwood, Jeremy VLA/17A-250 VLA GHz survey of extragalactic sources in the XMM-LSS field (AGES-XL) 25 Regular
Hatsukade, Bunyo VLA/17A-140 Probing Obscured Star Formation in the Host Galaxies of Superluminous Supernovae 16 Regular
Heywood, Ian VLA/17A-170 Faint, diffuse radio structures in the XMM-LSS field 22 Regular
Hodge, Jacqueline VLA/17A-059 Molecular Astrochemistry in the Primeval Universe 44 Regular
Hogge, Taylor VLA/17A-299 Investigating the Young, Energetic High-Mass Star-forming Region G23.33-0.30 7 Regular
Jencson, Jacob VLA/17A-365 Radio Observations of Obscured Supernova Candidates 7 Regular
Jonker, Peter VLA/17A-270 VLA observations of Gaia-discovered tidal disruption events 24.6 Triggered
Kamble, Atish VLA/17A-274 SN2016coi/ASASSN-16fp: Exceptional Case in Type Ic Supernovae 6 Regular
Klement, Robert VLA/17A-330 Revealing the structure of the outer disks of classical Be stars 3.5 Regular
Kurtz, Stan VLA/17A-254 Molecular and ionized content of the jet-outflow system in rare MYSO W42-MME 16.5 Regular
Lacey, Christina VLA/17A-337 Search for Radio Shocks from a SMBH Outflow in NGC 5195  14.52 Regular
Lacey, Christina VLA/17A-341 JVLA Observations of Galactic SNRs with Synchrotron-Dominated X-ray Spectra 18.32 Regular
Lacy, Mark VLA/17A-109 A detailed study of the jet-galaxy interaction in Minkowski's Object 4 Regular
Leisman, Lukas VLA/17A-210 The Origins of HI-rich Ultra Diffuse Galaxies 94 Regular
Leung, T.K. Daisy VLA/17A-021 2-kpc resolution imaging of the cold gas in a lensed obscured quasar at z>2  11.25 Regular
Linford, Justin VLA/17A-335 Tempests, Not Bombs: The Complex Evolution of Nova Ejecta 18 Regular
Liu, Daizhong VLA/17A-233 Is the total molecular gas the key to the nature of the strongest starbursts? 26.32 Regular
Liu, Mengyao VLA/17A-371 The Earliest Phases of Massive Star Birth 15 Regular
Lopez-Caniego, Marcos VLA/17A-027 VLA polarimetry of Planck selected sources in the QUIJOTE cosmological field-III 6 Regular
Macias, Enrique VLA/17A-385 Thermal Free-free Emission in PMS Stars: Radio Jets and Photoevaporating Disks 7 Regular
Man, Allison VLA/17A-064 Detecting Cold Molecular Gas in Two Distant Massive Quenched Galaxies 24.4 Regular
Margutti, Raffaella VLA/17A-238 Mapping the Zoo of Engine Driven Explosions with Deep Radio Observations 9 Triggered
Ma, Yik Ki VLA/17A-327 Anomalous RM Sources: Completing the Census of Outliers vs Outliars 2.5 Regular
Ma, Yik Ki VLA/17A-328 RM Variability: A Tracer of Turbulent ISM or AGN Activity? 7 Regular
McDonald, Michael VLA/17A-258 Mapping Past and Present Radio Outbursts in the Phoenix Galaxy Cluster 7.5 Regular
Melis, Carl VLBA/17A-282 Pleiades Binaries for the Masses 20 Regular
Meng, Fanyi VLA/17A-061  Mapping the ionized gas content in Sagittarius B2 4 Regular
Menten, Karl VLA/17A-197 A comprehensive Galactic plane radio wavelength star formation survey  39 Large
Menten, Karl VLA/17A-214 A Renaissance of CH Radio Observations 15.5 Regular
Milisavljevic, Danny VLA/17A-351 Mapping the Outer Limits of Cas A's Jets 6 Regular
Miller-Jones, James VLA/17A-220 Probing transient jet launching in stellar-mass black holes 15.96; Swift ksec: 27 Triggered
Mok, Angus VLA/17A-060 Environmental Effects on the HI Distribution of CO-detected Spiral Galaxies 14 Regular
Momjian, Emmanuel VLA/17A-093 Simultaneous Zeeman Observations of two 25GHz Class I Methanol Maser Transitions 3 Regular
Mooley, Kunal VLA/17A-374 JAGWAR: Jansky VLA mapping of Gravitational Wave bursts as Afterglows in Radio 266 Large
Morris, Mark VLA/17A-363 High-Latitude Magnetic Fields at the Center of the Galaxy: Bridging the Gap 10 Regular
Mulcahy, David VLA/17A-143 Exploring the Origin of the Diffuse Radio Emission in Merging Groups of Galaxies 2.1 Regular
Mulcahy, David VLA/17A-213 Resolving magnetic structures in Faraday space for NGC628 3.85 Regular
Murphy, Eric VLA/16B-319 A JVLA Public Legacy Survey of the Frontier Fields: Abell 370 and Abell 2744 16.1 Regular
Murphy, Eric VLA/16B-320 Unveiling the High-Redshift Universe Through A Deep 10GHz Survey of GOODS-N 32 Large
Nakashima, Jun-ichi VLA/17A-132 The Enigmatic Methanol Emission in IRAS 19312+1950 8 Regular
Nandi, Sumana VLA/17A-087 A misaligned DDRG with double peak emission lines 3 Regular
Neeleman, Marcel VLA/17A-279 Molecular Gas Emission from an Absorption-Selected Galaxy at z=4.258 13.29 Regular
Oteo, Ivan VLA/17A-148 Cold gas in the most luminous starbursts at z > 4 25 Regular
Oteo, Ivan VLA/17A-151 A dense molecular gas survey at high redshift 60 Regular
Pajdosz, Urszula VLA/17A-135 Deep high-frequency observations of a hybrid blazar 2 Regular
Parekh, Viral VLA/17A-187  JVLA L-band observation of nearby radio relic cluster A168 5 Regular
Pavesi, Riccardo VLA/17A-011 Molecular gas properties of "normal" galaxies at z~6 28 Regular
Pearson, Sarah  VLA/17A-296 The Baryon Cycle of Dwarf Galaxy Interactions 28.6 Regular
Pesce, Dominic VLA/17A-177 New Physics Using Lensed Masers: Cluster Motions, ISW Effect, and Redshift Drift 11 Regular
Poggianti, Bianca VLA/17A-293 Deep HI imaging of 15 Jellyfish galaxies  100 Regular
Pokhrel, Riwaj VLA/17A-349 Dense gas structures, envelope kinematics and stellar multiplicity of protostars 18 Regular
Qiu, Keping VLA/17A-107 JVLA NH3 survey of massive cores in Cygnus X 24 Regular
Raimundo, Sandra VLA/17A-242 Probing the gas disc of MCG--6-30-15 after an external accretion event 3.5 Regular
Rice, Thomas VLA/17A-333 Tracing the Origins of Earth's Nitrogen: Mapping NH3 in a Class 0/I Protostar 15 Regular
Riechers, Dominik VLA/17A-037 Cold Molecular Gas Content of Hyper-Luminous z=4-5 AGN-Starburst Systems 19 Regular
Riechers, Dominik VLA/17A-099 Dense Gas Excitation in z=2-4 Dusty Starbursts 33.1 Regular
Rivilla, Victor M. VLA/17A-041  Unveiling the chemistry of interstellar phosphorus 6 Regular
Rodriguez, Luis VLA/17A-069 The Nature and Present Position of Source n in the Orion BN/KL Region 2 Regular
Rodriguez, Luis VLA/17A-084 The Nature of the Centimeter Continuum Emission from epsilon Eridani 2 Regular
Route, Matthew VLA/17A-260 EVLA Survey of White Dwarfs 25.3 Regular
Rugel, Michael VLA/17A-055 Staring through the Milky Way: Atomic and molecular gas at high S/N in HI & OH 18 Regular
Salas, Pedro VLA/17A-283 Mapping the 18 cm-OH lines towards Cassiopeia A 13.4 Regular
Sanchez-Monge, Alvaro VLA/17A-067 Orbital structure of the Central Molecular Zone under scrutiny 6.5 Regular
Sandstrom, Karin VLA/16A-275 The Dust-HI-Star Formation Connection Across the Local Universe 20 Regular
Sandstrom, Karin VLA/17A-073 The Dust-HI-Star Formation Connection Across the Local Universe 26 Regular
Sarma, Anuj VLA/17A-038 Multi-epoch and Zeeman Observations of 44GHz Class I methanol masers in DR21(OH) 6 Regular
Sartori, Lia VLA/17A-004 Characterisation of Voorwerpjes with VLA: probing the environment of fading AGN 11 Regular
Schruba, Andreas VLA/17A-149 The Bottleneck of Star Formation - Formation and Collapse of a Cold Gas Phase 8 Regular
Seethapuram Sridhar, Sarrvesh VLA/17A-206 Probing the magnetized interstellar medium in the Pinwheel galaxy (M101) 3 Regular
Sharon, Chelsea VLA/17A-088 Disentangling AGN and Star Formation Effects on the Molecular ISM of z~2 SMGs 48 Regular
Sharon, Chelsea VLA/17A-091 Super-thermal Gas Excitation or Missing Flux? Peculiar CO Line Ratios at z~2-3 2.25 Regular
Siegler, Matthew VLA/17A-387 Measuring Lunar Heat Flow 3 Regular
Sjouwerman, Lorant VLA/17A-284 BAaDE: Bulge Asymmetries and Dynamic Evolution (V) 134 Large
Smith, Krista VLA/17A-267 Directly Observing Feedback: Star Formation and Quenching in the BAT AGN 25 Regular
Spekkens, Kristine VLA/17A-225 Mapping the extragalactic environment of SN2009ip 4 Regular
Spekkens, Kristine VLA/17A-246 Using Dynamics to Measure Dark Matter: Completing the HI Component of RINGS 46 Regular
Spolaor, Sarah VLA/17A-396  Testing Neutron Star Origins for Fast Radio Bursts with VLA Fast Imaging 190 Regular
Svoboda, Brian VLA/17A-146 A Systematic VLA Survey of the Most Massive Starless Clumps within 5 kpc 31.02 Regular
Taylor, Rhys VLA/17A-278 The Nature of Optically Dark HI Clouds In The Virgo Cluster 16 Regular
TROJA, ELEONORA VLA/17A-248 VLA observations of a candidate radio flare from a neutron star merger 1.5 Regular
Uscanga, Lucero VLA/17A-215 Interferometric confirmation of four ``water fountain'' candidates 6 Regular
Vacca, Valentina VLA/17A-243 Magnetic field investigation in a cosmic filament of the large scale structure 144 Regular
van der Wiel, Matthijs VLA/17A-172 On the brink of star formation: ammonia mapping of the Oph A star-forming ridge 14 Regular
van Loon, Jacco VLA/17A-190 Star cluster gas expulsion in action - matching gas to dust 30 Regular
van Velzen, Sjoert VLA/17A-383 Jet-disk coupling in a tidal disruption event 18.9 Triggered
van Weeren, Reinout VLA/16B-251 JVLA Observations of the HST Frontier Fields Clusters A370 and AS1063 46.4 Regular
Venemans, Bram VLA/16A-160 Molecular gas in bright quasar host galaxies at z~7 8 Regular
Venemans, Bram VLA/17A-336 Molecular gas in bright quasar host galaxies at z~7 42 Regular
Vidal, Matias VLA/17A-355 Measuring the spectrum of anomalous microwave emission in NGC2023 22.6 Regular
Walter, Fabian VLA/17A-251 Calibrating Dust- and CO-derived ISM masses at high redshift with JVLA and ALMA 68 Regular
White, Jacob VLA/17A-239 Measuring the Emission from Sirius A's Stellar Atmosphere 5.49 Regular
Whittam, Imogen VLA/17A-183 High frequency properties of faint radio galaxies 2.65 Regular
Wilcots, Eric VLA/17A-378 Searching for Large-Scale Magnetic Fields in the Galaxy Group NGC 2563 20 Regular
Williams, Peter VLA/17A-272 Rapid Rotation and Intensely Polarized Emission in a Radio-Active T Dwarf? 6 Regular
Williams, Peter VLA/17A-346 Quantifying the Impact of High-Energy Electrons on Low-Temperature Dwarfs 4; HST Orbits: 2 Regular
Wilner, David VLA/17A-156 The HR 8799 Planetary System Debris Disk 8 Regular
Yang, Aiyuan VLA/17A-070 Searching for Hypercompact HII regions from candidate positive spectrum objects 3 Regular
Yusef-Zadeh, Farhad VLA/17A-152 A Study of Atomic Gas in the Inner few Parsecs of  the Galaxy  Using  CII RRLs 4 Regular
Zaw, Ingyin VLBA/17A-399 Resolving AGN Obscuration: NGC 1068 12 Regular
Zhang, Hongxin VLA/16A-074 Gas Properties of a Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxy Triggered by Dwarf-Dwarf Merging 3.2 Regular
Zhang, Maolin VLA/17A-008 The origination of the HI tail in the IC 1459 group 20 Regular
Zhang, Qizhou VLA/17A-181 Filaments and Massive Star Formation 19.5 Regular