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Science Program 2012B

A total of 322 proposals were received for the 2012 February 1 submission deadline for Semester 2012B.

The tables below list the approved observing programs for Semester 2012B for the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT), for the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA), and for the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) and High Sensitivity Array (HSA). The following is provided for each approved program: PI name, proposal ID, proposal title, maximum hours allocated, and proposal type (Regular or Triggered or Large). For Large proposals or monitoring proposals the time allocated may be over more than one semester. For each approved program, the Proposal Finder Tool will have access to its authors, title, abstract, and approved hours.

Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT)

PI ID Title Hours Type
Adams, Elizabeth GBT12B-059 Confirmation of Ultra-compact High Velocity Clouds from the ALFALFA Survey 6 REGULAR
Anderson, Loren GBT12B-129 Untangling Compact and Diffuse Emission in the HRDS 40 REGULAR
Balser, Dana GBT12B-160 Tracing the Warm Ionized Medium 32.5 REGULAR
Bania, Thomas GBT12B-294 A WISE Extension of the HRDS? 50 REGULAR
Brown, Shea GBT12B-321 Distinguishing Cosmic-Ray Acceleration Models in Massive Clusters 66.5 REGULAR
Burgay, Marta GBT12B-015 Searching for radio pulsations triggered by the X-ray outburst of magnetars 6 TRIGGERED
Carpenter, John GBT12B-142 A Next-Generation Survey of Starless Cores in the Taurus Molecular Cloud 32 REGULAR
Chang, Tzu-Ching GBT12B-352 21 cm intensity mapping with prototype receiver 10 REGULAR
Chin, Yi-nan GBT12B-020 Confirmation of Interstellar Benzonitrile (C6H5CN) towards TMC-1 32 REGULAR
Curran, Stephen GBT12B-069 Obtaining the Cosmic Gas Mass Density from 21-cm in MgII Absorbers 38.5 REGULAR
Curran, Stephen GBT12B-070 Where is the Missing Material in High Redshift Active Galaxies? 40 REGULAR
Demorest, Paul GBT12B-320 The North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves 1316 LARGE
Dirienzo, William GBT12B-283 A Census of Diverse Environments in Infrared Dark Clouds 10 REGULAR
Egami, Eiichi GBT12B-322 The Herschel Lensing Survey: CO Redshift Search with the GBT/Zpectrometer 45 REGULAR
Farnsworth, Damon GBT12B-317 Cluster Dynamics and the Bimodal Radio Halo Distribution 39.9 REGULAR
Ginsburg, Adam GBT12B-221 Densitometry of the most massive proto-cluster in the galaxy, the Lima Bean 7.5 REGULAR
Greene, Jenny GBT12B-052 Towards Precision Supermassive Black Hole Masses using Megamaser Disks 21.5 REGULAR
Hada, Kazuhiro VLBA12B-263 Probing the Jet Structure of M87 with 86 GHz Imaging and Core-Shift Astrometry 16 REGULAR
Harris, Andrew GBT12B-261 Broadening the GBT/Zpectrometer Census of z = 2-3.5 Dusty Star Forming Galaxies 66 REGULAR
Hewitt, John GBT12B-295 90 GHz Mapping to Probe the Nature of Cosmic Rays in SNRs 5.6 REGULAR
Irwin, Judith GBT12B-055 GBT Continuum Observations of CHANG-ES Galaxies 153 REGULAR
Ivison, Rob GBT12B-348 Molecular gas excitation in lensed SMGs found in HerMES/HeLMS (SDSS Stripe 82) 64 REGULAR
Johnson, Megan GBT12B-312 Internal and External Processes in the Evolution of LITTLE THINGS 148 REGULAR
Kaplan, David GBT12B-229 Are long-period, high-B radio pulsars progenitors of Isolated Neutron Stars? 10 REGULAR
Kovalev, Yuri GBT12B-262 RadioAstron-GBT Space VLBI survey of AGN at the largest angular resolutions 100 REGULAR
Kramer, Michael GBT12B-351 Timing and General Relativity in the Double Pulsar System 104.5 REGULAR
Lehner, Nicolas GBT12B-041 Origins of the Streams of Ionized and Neutral Gas in the Milky Way Halo 30.5 REGULAR
Lynch, Ryan GBT12B-331 Timing 11 Radio-emitting Neutron Stars Discovered by the PALFA Survey 42 REGULAR
Lynch, Ryan GBT12B-291 AE Aquarii: A Pulsar-like White Dwarf? 8 REGULAR
Lynch, Ryan GBT12B-265 Deep Searches for Radio Emission from Magnetars 24 REGULAR
Mangum, Jeff GBT12B-038 Dense Gas Heating and Diagnostics within Starburst Galaxies 27 REGULAR
Margot, Jean-Luc GBT12B-355 Interior structure of Europa and Ganymede 9 REGULAR
McBride, James GBT12B-364 Molecular Outflows in Early Type Galaxies 10 REGULAR
Minter, Anthony GBT12B-198 The small-scale structure of HI: Reconciling VLBI and Pulsar Observations 127 REGULAR
Pagani, Laurent GBT12B-026 DCO+ as a tracer of molecular cloud age 16 REGULAR
Popov, Mikhil VLBA12B-247 RadioAstron-HSA Observations of Nearby Pulsars 24 REGULAR
Ransom, Scott GBT12B-309 Timing a Millisecond Pulsar in a Triple System 84 REGULAR
Rea, Nanda GBT12B-031 Search for radio pulsations during the quiescence of the first low-B magnetar 4 REGULAR
Reese, Erik GBT12B-065 ACT's Most Massive SZE-Selected Clusters 100 REGULAR
Rosen, Rachel GBT12B-144 Tests of a Non-radial Oscillation Model for Pulsar State Switching with B1828-11 15.8 REGULAR
Rosen, Rachel GBT12B-122 Timing Observations of 5 Pulsars Discovered by the Pulsar Search Collaboratory 31 REGULAR
Rosolowsky, Erik GBT12B-076 Making the Core-Cloud Connection with Angular Momentum 23.4 REGULAR
Royster, Marc GBT12B-325 A Follow-up RRL Survey of Ionized Gas in the Galactic Center Region 22.1 REGULAR
Rubio-Herrera, Eduardo GBT12B-218 Confirmation of Intermittent Pulsars from the Sculptor Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy 10.5 REGULAR
Salter, Christopher VLBA12B-337 A Remarkable Spectral Line/Continuum Outburst in NGC660 23 REGULAR
Schnee, Scott GBT12B-010 Mapping the Dust Emission from OMC-2/3 7 REGULAR
Schruba, Andreas GBT12B-177 Dense Gas Observations of Individual Molecular Clouds in Andromeda 5 REGULAR
Scott, Kimberly GBT12B-185 A census of molecular gas in z = 0.3 luminous infrared galaxies 24.3 REGULAR
Stierwalt, Sabrina GBT12B-297 The Death of Ultraluminous Dusty Starbursts: AGN Feedback Caught in the Act 29 REGULAR
van Leeuwen, Joeri GBT12B-060 Using Aligned Pulsar B0826-34 as a Voltmeter: Understanding Pulsar Mode Changes 12 REGULAR
Wagg, Jeff GBT12B-104 A CO redshift for the most mm luminous starburst galaxy: MMJ1541+6630 3 REGULAR
Willman, Beth GBT12B-213 Finding Local Group Dwarf Galaxies with the GBT 37 REGULAR
Wolfinger, Kathrin GBT12B-340 New HI-rich members of the Ursa Major region 3.7 REGULAR
Wootten, Henry GBT12B-086 Nitrogen Isotopic Ratios in a Sample of Cloud Cores 18 REGULAR
Xu, C. K. GBT12B-300 HI Gas Mass and Gas-to-Dust Ratio in Major-Merger Pairs 147.4 REGULAR
Yusef-Zadeh, Farhad GBT12B-200 A Continuum Survey of the Galactic Center at 35 GHz 20 REGULAR
Zagkouris, Kimon GBT12B-251 Large angle pulsar lensing from electron clouds 10.3 REGULAR

Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA)

To maximize VLA Early Science, while simultaneously commissioning the hardware and introducing new capabilities, three separate observing routes were created. They are, in brief: (1) Open Shared Risk Observing (OSRO) which provides first-light VLA capabilities to the general user community; (2) Resident Shared Risk Observing (RSRO) which provides access to enhanced VLA capabilities to those who are able to spend time in Socorro to help with commissioning; and (3) an EVLA Commissioning Staff Observing (ECSO) route giving commissioning staff access to the telescope to push new science capabilities. In the proposal type column, a superscript "r" indicates the RSRO route, a superscript "e" indicates the ECSO route, and no superscript indicates the OSRO route.

PI ID Title Hours Type
Andrews, Sean VLA/11B-065 Particle Growth in the Protoplanetary Disk Around V4046 Sgr 10.5 REGULAR
Aravena, Manuel VLA/12B-067 Deep 3-GHz imaging of CLASH galaxy clusters 19 REGULAR
Avison, Adam VLA/12B-154 Are colliding-wind binary systems causing variable methanol maser emission? 9 REGULAR
Battye, Richard VLA/12B-103 SuperCLASS: the SuperCluster Assisted Shear Survey 32 REGULAR
Bell, Michael VLA/12B-147 Polarization study of protostellar jet sources 14 REGULAR
Berciano Alba, Alicia VLA/12B-204 Resolving the circumnuclear disk of a z~4 QSO 80.5 REGULAR
Bietenholz, Michael VLA/12B-256 The Central Component of SN1986J: Pulsar Nebula or Circumstellar Interaction? 4 REGULAR
Borthakur, Sanchayeeta VLA/12B-199 HI in Dwarf Galaxies Probed by QSOs: An EVLA Study Complementing HST-COS Survey 19 REGULAR
Borthakur, Sanchayeeta VLA/12B-228 How and Where does Cold Gas in Galaxies Come From? 18 REGULAR
Bower, Geoffrey VLA/12B-184 Do the Accretion Environments of Low Luminosity AGN Resemble that of Sgr A*? 8 REGULAR
Brown, Michael VLA/12B-074 EBootes: The EVLA Bootes Survey 52 REGULAR
capetti, alessandro VLA/12B-009 Exploring the bulk of the radio-loud AGN population 22 REGULAR
Carrasco-Gonzalez, Carlos VLA/12B-126 Disk Fragmentation and Planet Formation in HL Tau 7 REGULAR
Casadio, Carolina VLA/12B-153 A sensitive study of the peculiar jet structure HST-1 in M87 18 REGULAR
Chandra, Poonam VLA/12B-068 Exploring the mysterious Type IIn supernovae with the EVLA 15 TRIGGERED
Chemin, Laurent VLA/12B-108 Astrometric characterization of exoplanets at radio frequencies 2 REGULAR
Cheung, C. (Teddy) VLA/12B-353 EVLA Astrometry of Double-Double Radio Galaxies 2 REGULAR
Chomiuk, Laura VLA/12B-202 The EVLA Nova Project: Imaging the Gamma-Ray Nova in Symbiotic Binary V407 Cyg 5 REGULAR
Clarke, Tracy VLA/12B-289 Jet-driven Gas Entrainment and Triggered Star Formation in Abell 2597 5 REGULAR
Comerford, Julia VLA/12A-103 Identifying Galaxies with Kpc-Scale Separation Dual Supermassive Black Holes 12 REGULAR
Comerford, Julia VLA/12B-072 Confirmation of Dual Supermassive Black Holes in Two Galaxies at z=0.4 and z=1.2 11 REGULAR
Condon, James VLA/12B-145 Feedback from the most luminous buried quasar 3 REGULAR
Corsi, Alessandra VLA/12B-195 Radio follow-up of ''exotic'' Ic SNe discovered by PTF 27 TRIGGERED
Cseh, David VLA/12B-024 Monitoring Jet Ejection Events from Hyperluminous X-ray Source ESO 243-49 HLX-1 10 REGULAR
Cseh, David VLA/12B-037 Wind Signature of the Ultraluminous X-ray Source: Holmberg II X-1 7 REGULAR
Darling, Jeremy VLA/12B-084 Mapping Unidentified Radio Lines Discovered in the ALFALFA Survey 11 REGULAR
Darling, Jeremy VLA/12B-282 Mapping Water Masers in the Dwarf Merger IIZw40 2 REGULAR
Dzib, Sergio VLA/12B-050 On the nature of the Turner-Welch object in the W3(OH) region 2 REGULAR
Forgan, Duncan VLA/12B-133 Constraining the orbital dynamics of the XZ Tau system 1 REGULAR
Gabanyi, Krisztina VLA/12B-054 Is the TeV source HESS J1943+213 a pulsar wind nebula? 1 REGULAR
Gallo, Elena VLA/12B-339 Virgo spheroidals in the radio/X-ray domain: bridging AGN and inactive galaxies 5 REGULAR
Ginsburg, Adam VLA/12B-365 Massive stars and ionized gas in the W51 complex 10 REGULAR
Giroletti, Marcello VLA/12B-191 Hunting for nuclear emission in the faintest Seyfert cores 10 REGULAR
Goddi, Ciriaco VLA/12B-087 Probing ionized gas at small scales in the  micro Jy regime in clustered SF 17 REGULAR
Gomez, Laura VLA/12B-137 The jet-disk system at the core of HH 111 10 REGULAR
Gultekin, Kayhan VLA/12B-064 The Radio--X-ray--BH-Mass Fundamental Plane for the Smallest SMBHs 7.5 REGULAR
Gupta, Neeraj VLA/12B-107 Search for OH radical in the disks of galaxies at z<0.3 28 REGULAR
Hagiwara, Yoshiaki VLA/12B-132 H2O maser in M82 3 REGULAR
Hagiwara, Yoshiaki VLA/12B-022 Second epoch of Monitoring H2O maser in the merging galaxy NGC 6240 5 REGULAR
Hagiwara, Yoshiaki VLA/12B-021 Water maser and radio continuum emission in M51 12 REGULAR
Hardcastle, Martin VLA/12B-097 Broad-band spectra of the jets, lobes and hotspots in FRII radio galaxies 6.5 REGULAR
Heesen, Volker VLA/12B-334 Radio filaments and the WMAP haze from Fermi bubbles in nearby galaxies 12 REGULAR
Hewitt, John VLA/12B-156 Compact Synchrotron Knots in SNR RX J1713.7-3946 2 REGULAR
Heywood, Ian VLA/12B-238 An EVLA survey of the VIDEO / XMM-LSS field 48 REGULAR
Hill, Alex VLA/12B-336 The magnetic field in the Smith Cloud 33 REGULAR
Hoare, Melvin VLA/12B-140 Ionized feedback for a large sample of massive forming stars 36 REGULAR
Hoare, Melvin VLA/12B-366 Mapping a spectro-astrometrically identified jet from a massive YSO 3 REGULAR
Hodges-Kluck, Edmund VLA/12B-165 Does the Newly Discovered ULX in NGC 891 have a Radio Nebula? 2.5 REGULAR
Hofner, Peter VLA/12B-128 The Photo-evaporating Disk around the Massive Protostar ISOSS J23053+5937 SMM2 12 REGULAR
Hofstadter, Mark VLA/12B-323 Composition and Dynamics of the Deep Atmospheres of Uranus and Neptune 8 REGULAR
Huang, Song VLA/12B-246 HI imaging of Arp 151: a nearby K+A merging system 10 REGULAR
Isella, Andrea VLA/12B-196 Characterizing the first proto-planet with the EVLA 30 REGULARe
Ivison, Rob VLA/12B-223 The most distant known water maser, in a complex galactic nursery 15 REGULAR
Ivison, Rob VLA/12B-124 Dissecting a colossus: confronting recent theory with a multi-merging HyLIRG 37 REGULAR
Ivison, Rob VLA/12B-189 High-resolution imaging of lensed SMGs: completing our unique sample 40 REGULAR
Jackson, Neal VLA/12B-030 Using gravitational lensing to probe CDM substructure in galaxies 30 REGULAR
Jackson, Neal VLA/12B-029 Gravitational lens central images; probing the central regions of galaxies 12 REGULAR
Jarvis, Matt VLA/12B-115 The Herschel-Spitzer Active Galaxy Survey: radio emission in radio-quiet quasars 42 REGULAR
Johnson, Kelsey VLA/12A-401 Are Super Star Clusters Special? 11 REGULAR
Johnson, Kelsey VLA/12B-286 Do Super Star Clusters Require a Special Mode of Star Formation? 15 REGULAR
Juneau, Stephanie VLA/12B-316 Positive and negative feedback from an obscured quasar at z=0.68 2 REGULAR
Kong, Albert VLA/12B-047 Radio emission of a gamma-ray emitting black widow-like millisecond pulsar 5 REGULAR
Krauss, Miriam VLA/12B-226 The EVLA Nova Project: Monitoring the Unusual Classical Nova V1723 Aql 3 REGULAR
Leitzinger, Martin VLA/12B-301 Non-thermal emission of active stars - Implications for star-planet interactions 12 REGULAR
Li, Zhiyuan VLA/12B-007 Probing a mini radio jet in the Sombrero galaxy 12 REGULAR
Lim, Jeremy VLA/12B-091 Testing Rotational Fragmentation Models for Binary/Multiple Star Formation 7 REGULARr
Liu, Guilin VLA/12B-163 Feedback from Radio-Quiet Quasars: a Case Study 2.5 REGULAR
Liu, Hauyu VLA/12B-123 The Origin of Jets in Young Stars 10.5 REGULAR
Loinard, Laurent VLA/12B-088 Coupled accretion/ejection in a low-mass protostellar system 5 REGULAR
Loinard, Laurent VLA/12B-288 The Nearby Star Forming Regions Distances Survey 31 REGULAR
Lonsdale, Carol VLA/12B-217 A-array: Feedback from the Most Luminous Dust-Obscured AGNs 18 REGULAR
Lynch, Christene VLA/12B-272 The Inner Jet Structure of Young Stellar Objects 30 REGULAR
Ma, Cheng-Jiun VLA/12B-252 Cavity power measurement of radio lobes in galaxy clusters 9 REGULAR
Maccarone, Thomas VLA/12B-161 EVLA coverage of the Chandra Galactic Bulge Survey region 40 REGULAR
Maciel, Tamela VLA/12B-131 The FR Divide Through Environmental Effects 14 REGULAR
Mao, Minnie VLA/12B-016 A Pilot Study of the microJansky Sky 22.5 REGULAR
Mao, Sui Ann VLA/12B-180 Gravitational Lensing as Probe of Magnetism at Intermediate Redshifts 7.5 REGULAR
Marcote, Benito VLA/12B-061 Search for radio emission from HD 215227: the newest gamma-ray binary candidate 3 REGULAR
Mauersberger, Rainer VLA/12B-011 A diffuse molecular component in the nuclear bulge of the Milky Way? 1.5 REGULAR
MAURY, Anaelle VLA/12B-222 Can close binary systems form by fragmentation along the jet axis? 9.5 REGULAR
Miller, Neal VLA/12B-212 Constraining the Nature of ULXs: Nearby Source Survey 7 REGULAR
Miyamoto, Yusuke VLA/12B-219 Unveiling the 100-pc molecular gas disk in the nuclear region of NGC 3079 10 REGULAR
Monnier, John VLA/12B-005 Orbital Period and the Fundamental Parameters of Colliding Wind WR 112 - copy 3 REGULAR
Moscadelli, Luca VLA/12B-044 Characterizing the ionized gas emission in massive protostars 23 REGULAR
Mutel, Robert VLA/12B-363 What Causes Periodic Radio Emission in Ultra Cool Dwarfs? 16 REGULAR
Muxlow, Tom VLA/12B-181 Star-formation and AGN activity at high-z - a deep EVLA and e-MERLIN study 14 REGULAR
Nagira, Hiroshi VLA/12B-324 Radio galaxies in narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies 2.5 REGULAR
Neff, Susan VLA/11B-117 Inner Lobes of Cen A: Energy Transport to the ISM and the 500 kpc Radio Source 50 REGULAR
Nelson, Thomas VLA/12B-270 The EVLA Nova Project: Confirming a Massive Ejection in T Pyx's 2011 Outburst 5 REGULAR
Nesvadba, Nicole VLA/12B-243 Energy gain and energy drain: Witnessing the two sides of AGN feedback from jets 16 REGULAR
Nyland, Kristina VLA/12B-281 The Importance of LLAGN in Early-Type Galaxies Containing Molecular Gas 16 REGULAR
Owen, Frazer VLA/12B-120 A2256:  interactions of galaxies and merger shocks with the ICM 28 REGULAR
Palau, Aina VLA/12B-347 H2O maser study in rotating structures around intermediate/high-mass protostars 1.5 REGULAR
Perez-Torres, Miguel VLA/12B-105 Unveiling the Hidden Population of SNe in Local Luminous Infrared Galaxies 13 REGULAR
Perley, Daniel VLA/12B-305 The Dust-Unbiased Star-Formation Rates of GRB-Selected Star-Forming Galaxies 76.5 REGULAR
Petrov, Leonid VLA/12B-079 EVLA observations of Fermi unassociated sources 6 REGULAR
Qiu, Keping VLA/12B-332 A Close Binary in W3(H2O)? 12 REGULAR
Reeves, Sarah VLA/12B-167 A search for HI absorption in gas-rich galaxies from HIPASS 14 REGULAR
Reines, Amy VLA/12B-206 Supermassive Black Holes in Dwarf Galaxies 15 REGULAR
Ricci, Luca VLA/12B-188 An EVLA investigation of the radio emission from the HR 8799 exoplanets 18 REGULAR
Riechers, Dominik VLA/12B-089 Detailed Molecular Gas Properties of the Most Distant Massive Starburst Galaxy 80 REGULAR
Rodriguez, Luis VLA/12B-006 The Nature of the Radio Companion to AB Aur 6 REGULAR
Rodriguez, Luis VLA/12B-148 The FS CMa stars: Understanding a New Class of Stellar Radio Sources 10 REGULAR
RUBIO DIEZ, MARIA DEL MAR VLA/12B-278 Characterizing the Most Massive Stars in Young Massive Galactic Cluster 3 REGULAR
Rujopakarn, Wiphu VLA/12B-319 Morphology of Star Formation in Luminous, High-z Lensed Galaxies 12 REGULAR
Rujopakarn, Wiphu VLA/12B-175 Resolving the Sites of Star Formation at the Peak of Galaxy Assembly 64 REGULAR
Sahai, Raghvendra VLA/12B-306 Investigating Circumstellar Gravel and an Enigmatic Plasma Around Dying Stars 13.5 REGULARe
Sahai, Raghvendra VLA/12B-078 Accretion and Flare Activity in an AGB Star: EVLA Observations of Y Gem 3 REGULARe
Salak, Dragan VLA/12B-155 Investigating the nucleus of NGC 1808 by radio continuum observations 3.5 REGULAR
Sanchez-Monge, Alvaro VLA/12B-172 Probing the dynamics of the hypercompact HII region NGC 7538-IRS1 7.5 REGULAR
Sargent, Mark VLA/12B-192 Deep 1.4 GHz imaging of HE0450-2958, or: closing the loopholes 2 REGULAR
Schaefer, Gail VLA/12B-299 Distance to the Young Triple Star V807 Tau: Finishing the Job 5 REGULAR
Shi, Hui VLA/12B-335 High-velocity Atomic Outflows in High-mass Star Formation Regions 13 REGULAR
Shim, Hyunjin VLA/12B-099 Kinematics and Spatial Distribution of HI in Extremely Strong Halpha Emitters 34 REGULAR
Sjouwerman, Lorant VLA/12B-002 Instantaneous Spectral Index of M31* 10 REGULARe
Sliwa, Kazimierz VLA/12B-162 OH Megamaser Emission of UGC 5101 6 REGULAR
Smolcic, Vernesa VLA/12B-158 Deep 3GHz EVLA-COSMOS Survey: Confining Stellar Mass Growth through Cosmic Times 164 LARGE
Spolaor, Sarah VLA/12B-303 What is the nature of offset-velocity broad-line emission? 7 REGULAR
Stockdale, Christopher VLA/12B-254 ToO Observations of Core Collapse Supernovae (Type II) 15 TRIGGERED
Stockdale, Christopher VLA/12B-258 Long Term Monitoring of Radio Supernovae with the 2 GHz VLA 31.5 REGULAR
Strader, Jay VLA/12B-178 Candidate Black Holes in a Galactic Globular Cluster 6 REGULAR
Strader, Jay VLA/12B-073 Decisive Constraints on Intermediate-Mass Black Holes in Globular Clusters 20 REGULAR
Suzuki, Kenta VLA/12B-285 Progenitors of Massive Elliptical Galaxies in the Biased Environment at z=2.5 24 REGULAR
Tadhunter, Clive VLA/12B-260 The nature of rapidly star forming radio galaxies at z~2 5.5 REGULAR
Tafoya, Daniel VLA/12B-117 Searching for a Magnetic Field in the PN NGC7027 using the Zeeman Effect in RRLs 6 REGULAR
Taylor, Greg VLA/12B-058 Looking for Cavities in the Binary Black Hole System 0402+379 2.5 REGULAR
Teng, Stacy VLA/12B-326 JVLA Follow-up of HI Absorption in Merger Remnants 17 REGULAR
Tobin, John VLA/12B-211 Detecting and Characterizing Disks Around the Youngest Protostars 21.5 REGULAR
Tozzi, Paolo VLA/12B-095 A systematic study of the AGN-radio feedback in the core of CLASH clusters 27 REGULAR
Trevino-Morales, Sandra VLA/12B-135 Dynamics of the atomic gas in the ultracompact HII region MonR2 4.5 REGULAR
Tuccillo, Diego VLA/12B-361 The Radio Proprieties of High Redshift Broad Absorption Line Quasars 26 REGULAR
Wardle, John VLA/12B-230 Structural evolution in high-redshift quasars, part II 14 REGULAR
Westmoquette, Mark VLA/12B-275 HI inflows and outflows in the prototypical starburst galaxies M82 and NGC 253 22.5 REGULAR
Wilcots, Eric VLA/12B-257 Tracing the Evolution of Magnetic Fields in Galaxies Across Cosmic Time 15 LARGE
Yen, Hsi-Wei VLA/12B-090 Unique Observational Signatures of First Hydrostatic Cores in Prestellar Cores 10 REGULARr
Yun, Min VLA/12B-274 Nature of Micro-Jy Radio Sources in the GOODS-South Field 30 REGULAR
Zhang, Yong VLA/12B-001 EVLA 5 GHz observations of compact planetary nebulae 3.5 REGULAR
Zijlstra, Albert VLA/12B-203 Expansion and evolution in planetary nebulae 6 REGULAR
Zijlstra, Albert VLA/12B-225 Stellar evolution after a late thermal pulse 3 REGULAR

Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) and High Sensitivity Array (HSA)

PI ID Title Hours Type
Bannister, Keith VLBA/12B-033 Prompt high- and low-time resolution follow-up of GRBs with the LBA 7.5 TRIGGERED
Darling, Jeremy VLBA/12B-276 Mapping Water Masers in the Dwarf Merger IIZw40 12 REGULAR
Deller, Adam VLBA/12B-183 VLBA observations of the apparently associated pulsars J1830-1059 and J1830-1103 8 REGULAR
Deller, Adam VLBA/12B-182 A VLBA pulsar search: surveying unidentified, highly variable FIRST sources 16 REGULAR
Dzib, Sergio VLBA/12B-146 The distances to the LkHa 101 and G78.4+2.64 star-forming regions 96 REGULAR
Gupta, Neeraj VLBA/12B-127 Physical conditions and small-scale structure in the ISM of z=0.123 galaxy 10 REGULAR
Hada, Kazuhiro VLBA/12B-263 Probing the Jet Structure of M87 with 86 GHz Imaging and Core-Shift Astrometry 25 REGULAR
Haga, Takafumi VLBA/12B-125 Multi-Frequency Astrometry of the Core Shift due to Free-Free Absroption 36 REGULAR
Immer, Katharina VLBA/12B-096 3D Streaming Motions in the Nuclear Disk of the Milky Way 21 REGULAR
Lobanov, Andrei VLBA/12B-197 Phase-referencing measurements of positional shifts in ultra-compact AGN cores 12 REGULAR
Miller-Jones, James VLBA/12B-186 The connection between gamma-ray emission and radio jets in Cygnus X-3 24 TRIGGERED
Nyland, Kristina VLBA/12B-164 VLBA Observations of a Central Intermediate Mass Black Hole Candidate 12 REGULAR
Popov, Mikhil VLBA/12B-247 RadioAstron-HSA Observations of Nearby Pulsars 24 REGULAR
Porcas, Richard VLBA/12B-138 ICRF2 defining sources: investigating core-shifts 30 REGULAR
Reines, Amy VLBA/12B-207 Imaging the AGN in the Nearby Dwarf Starburst Galaxy Henize 2-10 5 REGULAR
Salter, Christopher VLBA/12B-337 A Remarkable Spectral Line/Continuum Outburst in NGC660 23 REGULAR
Schaefer, Gail VLBA/12B-298 Distance to the Young Triple Star V807 Tau: Finishing the Job 20 TRIGGERED
Sivakoff, Gregory VLBA/12B-171 Resolving the controversial distance to SS Cyg 14 TRIGGERED
Tingay, Steven VLBA/12B-014 Searching for dual radio cores in AGN with double-peaked optical emission lines - copy 24 REGULAR