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Science Program 2013B

by Davis Murphy last modified Jul 25, 2013 by Joan Wrobel

A total of 354 proposals were received for the 1 February 2013 submission deadline for Semester 2013B. In aggregate the proposals covered the broad spectrum of modern research in astronomy and astrophysics. A total of 1349 unique authors submitted proposals to the Observatory, with 956, 392 and 227 proposers competing for time on the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA), Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT), and for the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) and High Sensitivity Array (HSA), respectively.

The tables below list the approved observing programs for Semester 2013B for the GBT, for the VLA, and for the VLBA and HSA. The following is provided for each approved program: PI name, proposal ID, proposal title, maximum hours approved, and proposal type (Regular or Triggered or Large). For Large proposals or monitoring proposals the time allocated may be over more than one semester. For each approved program, the Proposal Finder Tool will have access to its authors, title, abstract, and approved hours.

Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT)

PI ID Title Hours Type
Allen, Ron GBT13B-044 The Structure of the "Dark Gas" in the Galaxy 66 Regular
Amiri, Nikta GBT13B-157 SiO Maser Survey of Accretion Disks Around Supermassive Black Holes 13 Regular
Anderson, Christopher GBT13B-352 Redshift Space Distortions with 21 cm intensity mapping in cross-correlation 134 Large
Anderson, James GA030 Probing the innermost regions of AGN jets and their magnetic fields 56 Regular
Bach, Uwe GB075 Ultra high resolution imaging of the archetypical radiogalaxy Cygnus 45 Regular
Bacmann, Aurore GBT13B-267 The spatial distribution of complex organic molecules in prestellar cores 60 Regular
Baes, Maarten GBT13B-003 The gas-to-dust ratio in dust-lane early-type galaxies (test2) 5 Regular
Baker, Andrew GBT13B-355 Zpectrometer observations of luminous dusty galaxies at z>2 in the HeRS field 56 Regular
Balser, Dana GBT13B-049 The WISE Extension of the HRDS 50 Regular
Barger, Kathleen GBT13B-068 Does infalling gas survive the Galactic halo?  A case study of Complex A 72 Regular
Bartel, Norbert GB076 The physical and structural late-time evolution of SN 1993J 24 Regular
Blank, David GBT13B-369 Search for Molecular Outflows from KIC 12557548b 6 Regular
Borthakur, Sanchayeeta GBT13B-347 Connecting Circumgalactic Medium to the HI Disks in Dwarf Galaxies 52.5 Regular
Burgay, Marta GBT13B-237 Searching for radio pulsations triggered by the X-ray outburst of magnetars 6 Triggered
Bussey, Ben GBT13B-191 Multistatic observations of the Moon using Mini-RF, Arecibo, and the GBT 9 Regular
Curran, Stephen GBT13B-018 HI 21-cm in High-z CO Emitters: The Atomic - Molecular Connection 30 Regular
Demorest, Paul GBT13B-285 Exploring pulsar spectra at high radio frequencies 18 Regular
Dicker, Simon GBT13B-131 Early Cluster Science with MUSTANG-1.5 48 Regular
Gwinn, Carl VLBA13B-395 Substructure in the Scattering Disk of Sgr A* 7 Regular
Harris, Andrew GBT13B-050 Broadening the GBT/Zpectrometer Census of z = 2-3.5 Dusty Star Forming Galaxies 63.25 Regular
Hoffman, Ian GBT13B-271 Completing the Census of Nonmetastable Ammonia Populations in NGC 7538 2 Regular
Jackson, James GBT13B-312 The Radio Ammonia Mid-Plane Survey 138 Large
Kanekar, Nissim GBT13B-197 The redshift of a new molecular absorber detected in a blind GBT survey. 6 Regular
Kauffmann, Jens GBT13B-345 GCMS on GBT: Thermal Conditions for Star Formation in the Central Molecular Zone 75 Regular
Kepley, Amanda GBT13B-146 Measuring the Dense Ionized Gas in the Center of IC 342 16.5 Regular
Kovalev, Yuri GBT13B-226 RadioAstron-GBT Space VLBI survey of AGN at the highest angular resolutions 160 Regular
Kramer, Michael GBT13B-327 Timing and General Relativity in the Double Pulsar System 104.5 Regular
Lobanov, Andrei GL038 Structure and physics of compact jets in AGN with RadioAstron 49 Regular
Lommen, Dave GBT13B-115 Tracing the start of dust evolution in molecular clouds 8.25 Regular
Loomis, Ryan GBT13B-343 Exploration of Propynal Emission Source Size in TMC-1 6.25 Regular
Louie, Melissa GBT13B-179 HCN (J=1-0) Mapping of Central 3'x3' of M51 25.75 Regular
Lovell, Amy GBT13B-190 OH Spectroscopy of Comets 2P/Encke and C/2012 S1 ISON 29 Regular
Maccarone, Thomas GBT13B-244 X-ray selected sample pulsar candidates in the Chandra Galactic Bulge Survey 22 Regular
McGuire, Brett GBT13B-220 Propylene Oxide: The First Interstellar Chiral Molecule 13.5 Regular
McQuinn, Kristen GBT13B-169 Do Tidal Interactions Trigger Starbursts in Dwarf Galaxies? 179 Regular
Milam, Stefanie GBT13B-200 Complimentary Multiwavelength Studies of Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) 30 Regular
Minter, Anthony GBT13B-274 The Nature of the Smith Cloud: Largest HVC or Dwarf Galaxy Merger Remnant 63 Regular
Moullet, Arielle GBT13B-214 Searching for outgassing water from asteroid (324) Bamberga through OH lines 7 Regular
Oberg, Karin GBT13B-153 Survey of complex organic molecules in low-mass protostars 32 Regular
Pagani, Laurent GBT13B-004 DCO+ as a tracer of molecular cloud age 9.5 Regular
Ransom, Scott GBT13B-281 Continued Timing of a Millisecond Pulsar in a Stellar Triple System 60.5 Regular
Rosen, Rachel GBT13B-290 Timing of 36 Pulsars Discovered by the Green Bank Telescope 80.5 Regular
Rosolowsky, Erik GBT13B-031 Do Converging Flows Matter? 13 Regular
Salter, Christopher VLBA13B-334 Continued Monitoring of a Remarkable Radio Outburst in NGC660 12 Regular
Savolainen, Tuomas GS032 The nuclear structure in nearby AGN at very high resolution with RadioAstron 77 Regular
Siemion, Andrew GBT13B-207 SETI Observations of Exoplanet Conjunctions 24 Regular
Spekkens, Kristine GBT13B-253 A Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy Survey to Search for Particle Dark Matter 152 Regular
Stairs, Ingrid GBT13B-333 The Pulsar Triple System in Messier 4 (test) 4.5 Regular
Stark, David GBT13B-246 Tracking Gas Accretion as a Function of Cosmic Structure 80 Regular
Stovall, Kevin GBT13B-295 Looking for Orbital Variations in PSR J0636+51 8 Regular
Strader, Jay VLBA13B-009 Proper Motion Confirmation of Black Holes in a Globular Cluster 12 Regular
Svoboda, Brian GBT13B-213 Identifying the Most Complete Sample of Massive Starless Clumps in the Galaxy 20 Regular
Teng, Stacy GBT13B-306 Confirmation of Variable Polarization-dependent HI Absorption in Quasars 21.5 Regular
Wilson, Thomas GBT13B-189 Determining electron temperatures in the outer regions of the Orion HII region 7.75 Regular
Wootten, Henry GBT13B-336 GBT confirmation of Interstellar CH2D+ 8 Regular

Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA)

Four separate observing routes are possible: General Observing (GO),  Shared Risk Observing (SRO), Resident Shared Risk Observing (RSRO), and EVLA Commissioning Staff Observing (ECSO). In the proposal type column, a superscript "s" indicates the SRO route, a superscript "r" indicates the RSRO route, a superscript "e" indicates the ECSO route, and no superscript indicates the GO route.

PI ID Title Hours Type
Alexandroff, Rachael VLA/13B-382 Radio Properties of Type II Quasars in the Distant Universe from SDSS-III BOSS 22.5 REGULAR
Aravena, Manuel VLA/13B-038 A Deep 3 GHz Imaging Survey Of The CLASH Galaxy Clusters 22 REGULAR
Asaki, Yoshiharu VLA/13B-284 First phase observations of the flare due to vast mass infall onto the Sgr A* 15 TRIGGEREDs
Babul, Arif VLA/13A-268 A census of radio haloes in Planck-SZ selected galaxy clusters 22 REGULAR
Baker, Andrew VLA/13B-385 Understanding large line widths in the most extreme dusty high-z starbursts 10 REGULAR
Barcos, Loreto VLA/13B-356 Unveiling Extended Structure in nearby Luminous Infrared Galaxies 5
Barrett, Paul VLA/13B-199 A Search for Radio-Loud Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables 40 REGULAR
Batejat, Fabien VLBA/13B-323 New deep precision observations of the compact source population in Arp220 24 REGULAR
Beasley, Anthony VLA/13B-265 VLBA Observations of CU Vir (VLA Request) 2 REGULARs
Bell, Michael VLA/13B-088 Faraday Synthesis Of Hydra A To Study ICM Magnetic Fields, Jet/ICM Interaction 24 REGULAR
Beltran, Maria VLA/13B-033 Binaries and jets in high-mass star-forming regions 4.5
Bontemps, Sylvain VLA/13B-134 High-mass Class 0s down to 200 AU to understand the formation of massive stars 9 REGULAR
Borthakur, Sanchayeeta VLA/13A-279 How Galaxies Get Their Cold Atomic Gas? 48.5 REGULAR
Brown, Joanna VLA/13B-283 H I 21 cm emission from young disk systems 21 REGULAR
Carignan, Claude VLA/13B-094 Deep HI mapping of the outer parts of NGC 3109 22 REGULAR
Carilli, Chris VLA/13A-012 Anatomy of massive galaxy and SMH formation 48 REGULAR
Casassus, Simon VLA/13B-273 Rocky clumps in transition disks 30 REGULARs
Castelletti, Gabriela VLA/13B-133 Identifying the radio counterpart of the TeV gamma-ray source VER J2227+608 10.5 REGULAR
Castelletti, Gabriela VLA/13B-219 The first P-band EVLA observations of the enigmatic SNR RXJ1713.7-3946 12 REGULARs
Chandra, Poonam VLA/13B-060 Radio followup observations of radio and X-ray bright Type IIn supernova 2006jd 6 REGULAR
Chandra, Poonam VLA/13B-069 A search for radio emission in Type IIn supernovae 7 REGULAR
Chen, Huei-Ru VLA/13B-238 Searching for Ionized Disks and Outflows in Two Nearby Massive Protostars 24 REGULARs
Cheung, C. (Teddy) VLA/13B-053 Prompt VLA Followup of Flaring/Transient Fermi-LAT Galactic Plane Sources 8 TRIGGERED
Chomiuk, Laura VLA/13B-057 Tempests, Not Bombs: The Complex, Prolonged Explosions of Novae 199.5 LARGE
Cicone, Claudia VLA/13B-103 New Insights into the Massive Molecular Outflow in Mrk 231 12 REGULAR
Clarke, Tracy VLA/13B-252 Cavities & Turbulence: Low Frequency Study of the Sloshing Systems A2052 & A4059 9 REGULARs
Comerford, Julia VLA/13B-020 Double-peaked AGNs as Probes of AGN Fueling and Feedback 37.5 REGULAR
Conidis, George VLA/13B-319 Dwarf Irregular Galaxies in Analogues of the Local Sheet 37.5 REGULAR
Corbel, Stephane VLA/13B-016 First broadband study of a black hole in quiescence with JVLA, XMM and NuSTAR 10 REGULAR
Cortese, Luca VLA/13B-019 A unique HI tail in a galaxy triplet: testing ram pressure in X-ray faint groups 16
Cutchin, Sean VLA/13B-332 Searching for High Redshift OH Megamasers 7 REGULARe
Datta, Abhirup VLA/13B-349 Sensitive Radio Observations of Relics in Galaxy Clusters 20 REGULARs
de Gasperin, Francesco VLA/13B-091 Understanding M87: a multi-frequency campaign (VLA - II part) 24 REGULARs
de Pater, Imke VLA/13B-064 Longitude Resolved Maps of Jupiter's Radio Emisssion 40 REGULAR
Falcke, Heino VLA/13B-188 Sgr A* on the rise? Triggering VLBA and VLA during the G2 encounter 42 TRIGGERED
Fong, Wen-fai VLA/13B-180 Identifying the Radio Afterglow of a Short GRB in the Advanced LIGO/VIRGO Volume 9.5 REGULAR
Foster, Jonathan VLA/13B-058 G34.43+00.24 as a Proto-Orion: When and Where is the IMF Established? 6 REGULAR
Fox, Ori VLA/13B-372 Confirming Circumnuclear Supernovae in Ultraluminous, Star Forming Galaxies 12 TRIGGERED
Girart, Josep-Miquel VLA/13B-117 Mapping the magnetic fields in circumstellar disks around low mass protostars 10 REGULAR
Giroletti, Marcello VLA/13B-217 Search of a relativistic kiloparsec scale jet in the early Universe: B2 1023+25 1 REGULAR
Godfrey, Leith VLA/13B-291 AGN Jet Stability, Dynamics and Energy Transport: Periodic structure in 4C+47.51 4 REGULAR
Greiner, Jochen VLA/13B-017 Probing star-formation in the most massive gamma-ray burst host galaxies 20.25 REGULAR
Gultekin, Kayhan VLA/13B-056 Ultramassive Black Holes on the Fundamental Plane of Black Hole Accretion 15 REGULAR
Gupta, Neeraj VLA/13B-192 Molecular absorption line search in the 21-cm absorber with 2175 Angstrom bump 20 REGULAR
Hallinan, Gregg VLA/13B-370 A 300 Square Degree VLA Transient Survey in Stripe 82 150 REGULARr
Hardcastle, Martin VLA/13B-129 Low-frequency spectral curvature in radio galaxies: LOFAR targets at P-band 42 REGULARs
Harrison, Christopher VLA/13B-127 Are radio jets driving high velocity outflows in obscured quasars? 9.25 REGULAR
Helmboldt, Joseph VLA/13B-201 Survey and Transient-search Development for the New VLA P-band System 7 REGULARs
Henkel, Christian VLA/13B-340 Jets from H2O Disk-Megamaser Galaxies? 13 REGULAR
Hess, Kelley VLA/13B-374 Mapping the gaseous transformation of galaxies in the group environment. 36 REGULAR
Heywood, Ian VLA/13B-308 A VLA survey of the VIDEO / XMM-LSS field 48 REGULAR
Hlavacek-Larrondo, Julie VLA/13B-026 The low-frequency view of the Perseus cluster 10 REGULARs
Hodges-Kluck, Edmund VLA/13B-221 A Search for Fossil Lobes in 0402+379 4 REGULARs
Horesh, Assaf VLA/13B-268 Radio Follow-up of iPTF Transients 23 TRIGGERED
Hunter, Todd VLA/13B-359 Is G19.01-0.03 Really an Isolated Massive Protostar? 6.5 REGULAR
Hyman, Scott VLA/13B-321 Monitoring for Radio Transients in the Galactic Center with the Low-Band System 24 REGULARs
Ibar, Eduardo VLA/13B-376 VLA survey of low-z H-ATLAS/GAMA galaxies 51.5 REGULARs
Ingallinera, Adriano VLA/13B-298 Unveiling the nature of Galactic bubbles 5 REGULAR
Ivison, Rob VLA/13B-269 TLS: the Thousand Lens Sample 34.5 REGULARs
Jarvis, Matt VLA/13B-272 A deep-wide survey of the Stripe82 field and the bias of radio sources 72 LARGE
Kalensky, S. V. VLA/13B-108 Fine structure of Class I methanol masers in low-mass star forming regions 4.5 REGULAR
Kanekar, Nissim VLA/13B-198 The redshift of a new molecular absorber detected in a blind GBT survey. 6 REGULAR
Kimball, Amy VLA/13B-341 Star formation and rado jet activity in the most luminous QSOs in the Universe 8.5 REGULAR
Kitchener, Ged VLA/13B-041 A Deep Spectral Index Survey of a subsample from LITTLE THINGS 65 REGULAR
Kong, Albert VLA/13B-275 Tracking the radio emission of a black widow-like millisecond pulsar 6 REGULAR
Lacy, Mark VLA/13B-242 A VLA survey of Lockman and ELAIS-N1 - Clues to the puzzle of galaxy formation 81 REGULAR
Laing, Robert VLA/13A-153 How fast are the jets in NGC6251? 24 REGULAR
Laing, Robert VLA/13B-326 Relativistic backflow in radio-galaxy lobes 26 REGULARs
Launhardt, Ralf VLA/13B-111 ERA: revealing young Exoplanets by Radio Astrometry 28 LARGE
Law, Casey VLA/13B-054 Finding the Missing Baryons with Dispersion of Transients in M31 12 REGULARr
Lee, Min-Young VLA/13B-329 HI Envelopes of Molecular Clouds: Are They Shielding Layers for H2 Formation? 37.25 REGULAR
Lim, Jeremy VLA/13B-122 Formation and Evolution of the Binary Protostellar Systems L1551 IRS5/NE 15 REGULAR
Liu, Hauyu VLA/13B-059 The Jet-Accretion Connection in Young Stellar Objects 18 REGULAR
Liu, Lijie VLA/13B-289 A JVLA perspective on Kennicutt-Schmidt law for main sequence galaxies at z~1.5 24 REGULAR
Lynch, Christene VLA/13B-368 Understanding the Pulsed Emission of Ultracool Dwarf 2MASS J0746426+200032 11 REGULAR
Lyo, A-Ran VLA/13B-078 Best candidates for massive young stellar jet: dominant blue-shifted water maser 2.5 REGULAR
Macquart, Jean-Pierre VLA/13B-035 Using variability to map an extremely nearby region of anomalous turbulence 12 REGULARs
Mangum, Jeff VLA/13B-113 Imaging the Spatial Density within NGC253 and NGC3079 11 REGULAR
Mann, Rita VLA/13B-085 Fundamental Properties of Protoplanetary Disks in the Orion Nebula 14 REGULAR
Mao, Sui Ann VLA/13A-400 Mapping the Magnetic Field Structure in the Interacting Antennae Galaxies 38.5 REGULAR
Marti, Josep VLA/13B-032 Observing two peculiar stars identified while searching for gamma-ray binaries 0.5 REGULAR
Masque, Josep Maria VLA/13B-386 Measuring the proper motions of the Herbig-Haro objects HH 80N, HH 80 and HH 81 0.75 REGULAR
Masters, Karen VLA/13B-142 Gas Morphology and Dynamics in Strongly Barred Galaxies 84 REGULAR
Melis, Carl VLA/13A-401 Microwave Observations of Edge-on Protoplanetary Disks: IRAS04368+2557 9 REGULAR
Mesler, Robert VLA/13B-071 Probing the Detailed Magnetic Fields in SNRs With Zeeman Splitting 6 REGULAR
Middleton, Matthew VLA/13B-138 Probing disc-jet coupling in extragalactic micro-quasars 60 REGULAR
Miller-Jones, James VLA/13B-151 Simultaneous radio and X-ray observations of Cyg X-1 over an entire binary orbit 6 REGULAR
Mitsuishi, Ikuyuki VLA/13B-125 Exploring Radio Emissions in Groups of Galaxies at Junctions of Galaxy Filaments 6 REGULARs
Monnier, John VLA/13B-206 Orbital Period and the Fundamental Parameters of Colliding Wind WR 112 4 REGULAR
Montes, Gabriela VLA/13B-258 Testing Particle Shock Acceleration in the Wind-Collision Region of WR 147 8 REGULAR
Moor, Attila VLA/13B-093 Origin of gas in the oldest gaseous debris disk around HD21997 8 REGULAR
Morata, Oscar VLA/13B-124 The powering sources of the outflows around IRAS 05327+3404 4.5 REGULAR
Motogi, Kazuhito VLA/13B-075 Q-band imaging of the remarkable blue-shift dominated jet in G353.273+0.641 2.5 REGULAR
Murphy, Eric VLA/13B-215 The Star Formation in Radio Survey: Mapping Radio Spectra in Nearby Galaxies 36 REGULAR
Mutel, Robert VLA/13B-218 A search for thermal gyrosynchrotron emission from hot stellar coronae 16 REGULAR
Muxlow, Tom VLA/13B-152 Star-formation & AGN activity at high-z - deep JVLA & e-MERLIN study of GOODS-N 2.5 REGULAR
Myers, Steven VLA/13B-248 Continuation of the 6-GHz COSMOS Synoptic Survey 4 REGULARe
Myers, Steven VLA/13B-380 A Pilot X-Band Synoptic Survey of SDSS Stripe-82 40 REGULARe

Nakanishi, Kouichiro

VLA/13B-361 Radio Observations for Star-Formation and AGN Activities in LIRGs up to z=2 13 REGULAR
Nicuesa Guelbenzu, Ana Maria VLA/13B-313 Reveiling the dust-obscured star-formation rate in host galaxies of short GRBs 7.5 REGULAR
O'Sullivan, Shane VLA/13B-083 Radio source morphology: 'nature' or 'nurture'? 13.5 REGULAR
Ohta, Kouji VLA/13B-089 A Forming Elliptical Galaxy at z=1.4 under Multi-merging 36 REGULAR
Olmi, Luca VLA/13B-040 Observations of a newly discovered population of weak 6.7-GHz methanol masers 7.5 REGULAR
Osorio, Mayra VLA/13B-260 Substructure in the 7 mm emission of the protoplanetary disk of HD 169142 6 REGULAR
Osten, Rachel VLA/13B-293 Dynamic Spectroscopy of Stellar Radio Bursts 5 REGULARs
Pasetto, Alice VLA/13B-236 A Search for Radio Sources with Large Rotation Measure - The Principal Sample 4.5 REGULAR
Pasetto, Alice VLA/13B-239 A Search for Radio Sources with Large Rotation Measure - A Comparison Sample 2 REGULAR
Perez, Laura VLA/13B-381 Asymmetries and rings: Dust Trapping in Transitional Disks 60 REGULAR
Peri, Cintia VLA/13B-212 Search for non-thermal emission from stellar bow shocks 2 REGULAR
Perley, Daniel VLA/13B-316 The Dust-Unbiased Star-Formation Rates of GRB-Selected Star-Forming Galaxies 50.5 REGULAR
Perlman, Eric VLA/13B-048 3C 111:  An Ideal Galaxy for Revealing Jet Physics 8 REGULAR
Popping, Attila VLA/13B-154 The Evolution of Neutral hydrogen: measuring Omega-HI out to redshift z~0.4 18 REGULAR
Randriamampandry, Solohery VLA/13B-288 The Radio FIR Correlation in Cluster Cl 0016+16 and MS 0451.6-0305 at z~0.5 8.5 REGULAR
Riechers, Dominik VLA/13B-042 Detailed Molecular Gas Properties of the Most Distant Massive Starburst Galaxy 29 REGULAR
Rigby, Emma VLA/13B-185 Understanding the formation and evolution of protoclusters: a pilot study 14.25 REGULAR
Robotham, Aaron VLA/13B-109 Measuring resolved HI in analogues of the Milky Way Magellanic System 24 REGULAR
Rodriguez, Luis VLA/13B-364 Are the sub-mm cavities in transitional disks true or apparent? 7 REGULAR
Rodriguez, Luis VLA/13B-193 Measuring the Magnetic Field of Two Selected PNe via Faraday Rotation 4 REGULAR
Rosero, Viviana VLA/13B-210 Deep Radio Continuum Observations of Massive Protostars: Completing the Survey 38 REGULAR
Rujopakarn, Wiphu VLA/13B-292 Probing the Star Formation Law with Lensed Star-Forming Galaxies at z=1.9-4.7 17 REGULAR
Rujopakarn, Wiphu VLA/13B-358 Morphology of Star Formation in Luminous, z ~ 2 - 4 Strongly Lensed Galaxies 22.5 REGULARs
Rushton, Anthony VLA/13B-335 Simultaneous radio and X-ray monitoring of the G2 encounter with Sgr A* 32 REGULAR
Sajina, Anna VLA/13B-163 Constraining radio jet-driven feedback in young, dusty z~0.3-0.7 quasars 17 REGULARs
Scaife, Anna VLA/13B-098 Magnetic Fields in Heavenly Bridges. 10 REGULARr
Sharon, Chelsea VLA/13B-051 High-resolution Mapping of CO(1-0) in the Cloverleaf 18 REGULAR
Sheth, Kartik VLA/13B-205 Unveiling the Star Formation in the Bar of NGC 1097 53.25 REGULAR
Stierwalt, Sabrina VLA/13B-296 Gas Kinematics in Dwarf-Dwarf Interactions: Fueling Hierarchical Assembly 62.5 REGULAR
Strader, Jay VLBA/13B-009 Proper Motion Confirmation of Black Holes in a Globular Cluster 12 REGULAR
Strader, Jay VLA/13B-014 The Comprehensive VLA Survey for Black Holes in Globular Clusters 140 LARGE
Stutz, Amelia VLA/13B-135 Globule Distance Survey 8.25 REGULAR
Szymczak, Marian VLA/13B-119 Understanding periodic maser in G22.357+0.066 6 REGULAR
Tarchi, Andrea VLA/13B-184 Water maser and Narrow Line Seyfert 1's: the case of IGR16385 6.75 REGULAR
Tarchi, Andrea VLA/13B-159 The puzzling Local Group dwarfs' planes: proper motion of N6822 via H2O masers 24 REGULAR
Tobin, John VLA/13B-318 Characterizing Binary and Disk Formation in Young Protostellar Systems 264 LARGEs
Tsai, An-Li VLA/13B-351 Constrain the SED of the Unidentified Fermi Object at Radio Synchrotron Side 6.5 REGULARs
van Gorkom, Jacqueline VLA/13B-266 CHILES, the COSMOS HI Large Extragalactic Survey 300 LARGEe
Wall, Jasper VLA/13B-140 MicroJy Source Sizes and the Cosmological Evolution of Star Formation 40 REGULAR
Wilcots, Eric VLA/13B-322 Do Galaxy Groups Host Large Scale Magnetic Fields? 15 REGULAR
Williams, Peter VLA/13B-276 Determining The Variability and Spectrum of the Coolest Radio-Active Brown Dwarf 14 REGULAR
Williams, Peter VLA/13B-176 Magnetism From Stars to Planets: A Jansky VLA Survey of Late-L and T Dwarfs 18 REGULAR
Williams, Peter VLA/13B-160 Decoding the Radio Emission Mechanism of Ultracool Dwarfs with Broadband Spectra 17.5 REGULAR
Williams, Peter VLA/13B-147 Linking the Magnetic Field and Photosphere of the First Kepler L Dwarf 12 REGULAR
Wilson, Thomas VLA/13B-123 Proper Motions of Continuum Sources in W3-IRS5 1.25 REGULAR
Xue, Rui VLA/13B-363 High-resolution HI mapping to complement the CARMA STING survey 42.25 REGULAR
Zhang, Qizhou VLA/13B-224 Star Formation in the Central Molecular Zone 1.5 REGULAR
Zwaan, Martin VLA/13B-106 Resolving the neutral gas in gas-rich post-starburst galaxies 12 REGULAR

Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) and High Sensitivity Array (HSA)

PI ID Title Hours Type
Bannister, Keith VLBA/13B-013 Prompt high- and low-time resolution VLBA follow-up of GRBs 10 TRIGGERED
Barrett, Paul VLBA/13B-052 VLBA Astrometry of Six Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables 60 REGULAR
Batejat, Fabien VLBA/13B-323 New deep precision observations of the compact source population in Arp220 24 REGULAR
Beasley, Anthony VLBA/13B-264 VLBA Observations of CU Vir 10 REGULAR
Boboltz, David VLBA/13B-310 Imaging the Water Masers Associated with Five Silicate Carbon Stars 25 REGULAR
Brunthaler, Andreas VLBA/13B-307 Confirming the spectroscopically resolved sub-pc binary black hole in NGC4151 24 REGULAR
Deane, Roger VLBA/13B-227 A deep, wide-field survey of black hole accretion in the CANDELS GOODS-N field 24 REGULAR
Deller, Adam VLBA/13B-116 Evaluating error sources in relative astrometry with in-beam calibrators 90 REGULAR
Falcke, Heino VLBA/13B-137 Sgr A* on the rise? Triggering VLBA and VLA during the G2 encounter 42 TRIGGERED
Forbrich, Jan VLBA/13B-046 VLBA Search for Sub-Stellar Companion to the Unusual Ultracool Dwarf 2M1314+1320 48 REGULAR
Gordon, David VLBA/13B-183 Second Epoch VLBA Calibrator Survey Observations for ICRF3 192 REGULAR
Gu, Minfeng VLBA/13B-028 The radio properties of radio-loud narrow line Seyfert 1 galaxies on pc scale 15 REGULAR
Gwinn, Carl VLBA/13B-395 Substructure in the Scattering Disk of Sgr A* 7 REGULAR
Hodgson, Jeffrey VLBI/13B-393 High-resolution 220 Rs imaging of the jet nozzle in 3C84 90 REGULAR
IMAI, Hiroshi VLBA/13B-027 Evolution of the ``water fountain" source W43A - copy 30 REGULAR
Kharb, Preeti VLBA/13B-061 Does the Spiral Galaxy KISSR1494 host a Double AGN ? 3 REGULAR
Linford, Justin VLBA/13B-023 A VLBA Sutdy of LAT Non-Blazar AGN 36 REGULAR
Lister, Matthew VLBA/13B-175 MOJAVE: Jet Kinematics of Accelerating and High-Synchrotron-Peaked Blazars 936 LARGE
Marecki, Andrzej VLBA/13B-110 Effects owed to differential light-travel time in 3C328 radio galaxy 6 REGULAR
Marscher, Alan VLBI/13B-392 Continued 3 mm Imaging of Gamma-Ray Blazars 144 REGULAR
Marti-Vidal, Ivan VLBA/13B-118 VLBI observations of the AGN in M 81 at mm-wavelengths. Down to the core. 8 REGULAR
Max-Moerbeck, Walter VLBA/13B-378 The structure of the jet in the quasi-periodically variable blazar J1359+4011 24 REGULAR
McClintock, Jeffrey VLBA/13B-045 A Parallax for Cyg X-3: Does it Contain a Black Hole or Neutron Star? 36.5 REGULAR
Miller-Jones, James VLBA/13B-150 Simultaneous radio and X-ray observations of Cyg X-1 over an entire binary orbit 73 REGULAR
Mutel, Robert VLBA/13B-309 An astrometric study of HR1099: Test of binary interaction model 60 REGULAR
NIINUMA, KOTARO VLBA/13B-257 The VLBA imaging for radio weak blazar candidates 8 REGULAR
Petrov, Leonid VLBA/13B-181 Investigation of residual systematic errors in dual-band observables 32 REGULAR
Ransom, Scott VLBA/13B-277 Astrometry of a Millisecond Pulsar in a Stellar Triple System 24 REGULAR
Reynolds, Cormac VLBA/13B-080 The High Frequency Flares in Mrk 231 32 TRIGGERED
Richards, Joseph VLBA/13B-132 Multifrequency Monitoring of Radio-Loud Narrow-line Seyfert 1 Galaxies 48 REGULAR
Rushton, Anthony VLBA/13B-337 Simultaneous radio and X-ray monitoring of the G2 encounter with Sgr A* 32 REGULAR
Sadler, Elaine VLBA/13B-062 Young compact radio galaxies in the local universe 34 REGULAR
Salter, Christopher VLBA/13B-334 Continued Monitoring of a Remarkable Radio Outburst in NGC660 12 REGULAR
Sebastien, Muller VLBA/13B-007 Tomography of molecular clouds at z=0.89 30 REGULAR
Strader, Jay VLBA/13B-009 Proper Motion Confirmation of Black Holes in a Globular Cluster 12 REGULAR
Wykes, Sarka VLBA/13B-241 Circular Polarisation in Centaurus A 6 REGULAR
Zhang, Bo VLBA/13B-167 Calibrating the PL Relation for Mira Variables 75 REGULAR